Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ansel Adams Revisited

I have always enjoyed Ansel Adams photography.  And there is probably no one who has seen his work that doesn't know it is an 'Ansel Adams' picture.  Even if you don't know the photographer, you know the style.  Huge, sweeping vistas of mountains and canyons.  Black and white.

This is a picture of the Tetons and Snake River which was included with the pictures sent on the Voyager spacecraft.

Most photographers would die to have their work liken to Adams.


In school this semester I am taking a photography class.  And my assignment this week was to do a presentation on a photographer and I selected Ansel Adams.  If you are going to spend time doing something you might as well enjoy it.

First off, I was delighted to find out that the PBS series "American Experience" had profiled Adams.  So I had an enjoyable one and a half hours learning even more about Adams' life and photography.  You can watch it on YouTube here

But like when I went to the Monet exhibit and found out he had painted more than just waterlilies, I was delighted to learn Adams took pictures of more than just huge landscapes.  I have a new favorite.....

This is a rose and driftwood.  The detail and the tonal qualities of this picture is to die for.  One day...maybe....

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Creative Projects for the New Year

I have gotten into the quilting phase now.  It is  amazing just how much fabric I have amassed that can be used for totes ands zippered bags as well.  But in order to give myself some concrete goals, I have committed to three different creative projects for the year (so far).

My first is a zentangle exchange with some people online.  This month we are doing photo frames and exchanging.  I will post once I get mine done and some of the ones I receive in.

My second is a block of the month for a mystery quilt through Wish Upon a Quilt here in Raleigh.  The colorway I selected is a Kaffe selection on black.  Judging by the first block it will be very bright and colorful.  When I get my block finished for this month, I'll show pictures. 

My third project is a block a month swap with a group online.  This month's theme is 'snow'.  Well, I knew that I didn't want to appliqué a dozen snowflakes onto a block.  But I thought I had some fabric left over from an old Girl Scout project the girls did about 12 years ago.  Vintage fabric!

So here is the stack of little half triangle squares.  They are being set into a pinwheel design.  Snowflake fabric in a somewhat snowflake design.  Works for me.

So now I have some 'non-school' projects that I am committed to, so I have some structure to my creativity.  Can creativity be structured?

Anyway, I still have this quilt which is now together and needs quilting.  It will be my first foray into machine quilting, so I have to steel my nerves to go forward.

There is one large flannel quilt for Savvy I need to get the backing for and then it will be ready to finish.  I have 2 large flannel lap quilts and the backing, I just need to measure out the back and put them together.  I have another 'vintage' flannel lap quilt which I need to finish appliquéing some flowers on the top and then it will be ready to put together.

And there is a knitting project going on in the form of a shawl.

I think I have enough to keep me busy for awhile.