Sunday, September 25, 2011

Points Will Be De-“Ducted”

Ok, I’m playing hooky from school so to speak.  I need a non-school art fix and got it this weekend.  The first rush is over, so now I will settle down and get back to school work.  But in the meantime, here is the proof of my non-homework.

P9250009  Yep, I’m making duct tape roses on the end of pens.

P9250007  I have done 5 so far.  Gave one to my supervisor and the 5th one is still in process. 

P9250008  They are a little time consuming, but very easy.  Guess that is what my wee mind needed.  I find it fascinating what patterns and colors duct tape comes in these days.  And all the things you can do with duct tape.  I am going to make a bunch of these for gifts for co-workers where I want to do a little something and not spend a lot of money.  The leopard print one (not shown) is being saved for Savvy.  Or at least one of them.  A roll tape will make a bunch of pens.  So back to school work and then I can make some more pens.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boat Shoes -- Check

I had stated earlier I want a pair of Sperry Topsiders and a pair of Bass Penny Loafers.  Well, I got my Topsiders yesterday, or at least a very reasonable likeness.  In fact, they are on my feet right now.


kohls-shoes-boots-croft-and-barrow-jana-boat-shoes  There’s my little shoe.  Little…ha…I wear a size 10!  And have since middle school.  Mine are a little darker brown, more milk chocolate than caramel.  However, the funny part is that Texter bought this color.  Mom’s not so out of it fashion wise after all it seems.  But they were really, deeply on sale at Kohl’s as we were wondering through.  And since I have exactly 2 pairs of tennis shoes and that’s it…..the $27 didn’t seem to bad.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Playing in Photoshop

I am slowly, but surely, learning more and more about Photoshop.  I could have played with in on my own and learned as I went, but I am having more fun learning it in a systematic way.  Here is my first collage I made up that is not homework.

savvy frog mushroom  I know I still need to work on resizing and cutting pictures out of other pictures, but it’s fun! 

The background is part of a group of pictures I took of our flagstone walkway at work.  I know I looked at little weird one day, all bent over, taking pictures of the rock.  But they make some really interesting textures.


Of course, since I was working on this one, Texter happened by and demanded one of her.  She doesn’t like me to take her pictures and I advised her I didn’t have too many pictures of her.  I was then informed I could pull some off of her facebook page.  So off I go to create a Texter collage.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Loving My Coffee, Prince

Quite by accident I stumbled across this Korean TV show on Hulu.  It involved a coffee shop so I thought I would give it a try.  I have watched Asian movies in the past and don’t have a problem with watching something with subtitles.  Big mistake!

For a little over 17 hours (each episode is a little over an hour), I have been glued to my laptop, watching Coffee Prince

coffee prince 1  It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the guy on the far left is “hunky”!  The girl, who is the center of the show, is next to him.  The second from the left is the guy from Japan who came to Korea looking for a lost love, and he’s dreamy too.


coffee prince 2 Despite being in glasses, the guy on the left is great looking and has a wonderful voice.

The eye candy aside, the story is cute.  Eun-Chan is a 24 year old girl who has been supporting her family for 8 years now, since her father died.  She does so by working several part time jobs, delivering food, milk, peeling chestnuts, making dolls.  Half the time people can’t tell if she is a boy or a girl.  Enter Choi Han Kyul who is the rich son who is forced to take over the running of this cafĂ© in order for his grandmother not to disinherit him.  He and Eun-Chan run into each other in a series of mishaps and he employs her as his ‘gay’ boyfriend to scare away potential blind dates his grandmother sets up for him.  He thinks Eun-Chan is a guy.  And so it goes for 17 hours.

It is not a comedy, although there are some funny moments.  It’s not a heavy drama either.  It’s damn riveting!  Savvy calls me Fangirl now.  The only problems with the show is that (1) it ran for only 1 season and (2) because I have to read the subtitles I can’t knit or do anything but stare at the screen.

Luckily, I have finished the show.  Unfortunately, one of the characters has another show, Pasta, which I have bookmarked to watch.  Drat!


Monday, September 12, 2011

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Pounds!

Well, maybe not a thousand, but the picture on the cover of the September issue of Southern LIving was enough to inspire me to make that cake.  Apple-Cream Cheese Bundt Cake with a Praline Frosting.

P9100005  Now my cake is not as ‘pretty’ as theirs is.  I couldn’t contain my cream cheese filling like they said, so I have a band of lighter cake all the way around.  But does that affect how it tastes….not at all.

How many crunches will I have to do?  I really don’t care.  Cake for breakfast anyone?


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Savvy….Red Mushrooms!

Yes, every child must grow up and fly the nest.  And I endorse that policy.  However, there are times I really do miss Savvy being 2200 miles away.  Like today.  When it's rainy and humid and there is fungus and mushrooms everywhere.

Why does Savvy and mushrooms go together.  Well, a while back we watched this foreign Asian film in which the hero and his mentor are on their journey and it takes them bounding through a forest.  Now everywhere they ‘bounded’ (and they were bounding) there were these bright red mushrooms.  We got to laughing that they were partaking of the ‘shrooms and not just running through the woods.

And what is popping up now that we have had some rain?  RED MUSHROOMS!

P9060094  To be completely honest, they are more of a bright orange, leaning toward red, than the mushrooms in the movie.  Those mushrooms were the candy red in a children’s book …. right before the wicked witch eats them.  But these little jewels are popping up all over the area I walk by with the dogs.  Plenty of leaves and pine straw for spores to grow in.  However, with a little internet research I don’t think I’m going to be chowing down on them anytime soon.

There are also these little gems.

P9060100  They are also bright, bright orange and about the size of my thumbnail.  There is a whole ‘patch’ of them in one area.  These are apparently Red chanterelles.  There is a whole big patch of them.  If I knew of someplace to take the mushrooms for identification, I might do so.  But I don’t love mushrooms enough to give them a try out of the wild.

I really do believe in brownies and fairies and toad stools, so there is some enchantment going on around here.  Especially since they are making my mushrooms red in honor of Savvy.


Sunday, September 04, 2011

August in Review

When I start my ‘new year’ in August, I promised myself I would review the month once it was finished and see what was happening.  August, my first month…..well, not quite what I had in mind.

IMG_0511  Only wrote about 1200 words in August (before school started).  and my exercise and eating, let’s say that sucks too.  No real meditation, unless you count a few minutes in bed before I drift of to sleep, trying to clear my monkey mind so I can sleep.

My problem lies, I think, in trying to get in sync with the school schedule, studying, working and juggling them all until they fit into a flow.  I feel that I’m finally getting there.  All the classes have different ‘weeks’, so that has thrown me of a bit.

I have started a new piece of work though – a large canvas.  Well, large for me.  But more of that to come.  Trying to get September in shape now.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Four Hour Cabbage


Yep, four hours later I have a sketch of a cabbage cut up in chunks for my latest Basic Drawing class assignment.  I now really, really hate cabbage.  The actual page size is 18 X 24, so this is NOT a small drawing.  I have 3 inch borders on the page.  Who knew cabbage was so complex.


Thursday, September 01, 2011

Really Great Quote

With school being in session, my recreational reading is severely limited.  But that’s ok because I am slowly making my way through A Dance with Dragons.  Currently I am on page 459 of 1016 pages.  Well, really 959 pages because the last few are devoted to listing who’s who in the book. 


In my break from studying today, I was reading along in the 450’s where Bran is talking to Jojen.  Jojen is asking Bran (a young boy) if he likes books.  Brans says he does, '”fighting stories”.  Jojen responds, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.  The man who never reads lives only one.”

Wow.  That’s going up on my wall.  How many lives have you lived?