Sunday, October 30, 2011

School Work

This is one type of homework I have been doing recently.

pencil contour drawing of hand  A drawing of my hand for my sketchbook assignment.  And this is my major assignment for the week….in charcoal.

3 scarves for lesson 10  This is a drawing of this……

three scarves for lesson 11  Not the whole thing, just a portion of it are we suppose to focus on.  I like my plaid scarf portion.

And this is some Photoshop work I did with some images for an assignment last week.

fairly-frightening  I really need to have the horse blend in a little better, or remove entirely, but we needed to use 3 pictures.  I am also working on logos for Savvy Clay and my ‘web design’ portfolio.  Those coming this afternoon.

So this is where my time is spent these days.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bragging Rights

I have to brag a little……

No, I have to brag a lot.

savvy clay cake  Savvy has created “Savvy Clay” and is producing tiny, polymer clay items, mainly food.

white mug coffee  These are the earrings she did for me…which I have gotten a ton of compliments on.

And a cheeseburger…….  hamburger

So, while my active art production has slowed to a stand still for school, she is going full tilt.  Commissions are taken, so check out Savvy Clay on Facebook.

Hopefully, part of my schoolwork will be creating an actual website for her.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Green Woman

One of my favorite images is that of the Green Man.

green man  This drawing, from Spirit and Flesh, typifies the idea of the Green Man.  A symbol of rebirth, sometimes called the Oak King, a favorite of mine for years.

So, as we were leaving the fair, a Green Lady appeared out of the bushes surrounding the garden displays.

PA210428  Isn’t she lovely.  The performer had was on stilts on her legs and arms.  She almost had a spider effect.  But she was completely covered in vines and leaves and grape clusters.


She did have such a peaceful countenance.  So now I have a Green Lady to go with my Green Man.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Purple Garden

This past week I went with Savvy and her boyfriend to the state fair.  I haven’t been in years.  But my final stop of the day is the garden area.  I love the mini-gardens they design and implement.  This year there was a beautiful purple garden.

PA210354  And of this garden, my favorite part was the purple Buddha.


The beads in the background are suppose to be a ‘water’ feature and the whole design really struck a chord with me.  But then I also liked the other water features in the garden.


PA210374  I want water and a purple garden!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Christmas Wreath Project

I have been doing bits and pieces of art.  Some for class, some for myself.  I started this wreath and hope to get some orders from people at work for Christmas.  Just have to finish it up in the next day or two and do a second one that I will try and spray paint.

PA140057  It’s made out of pages from an old book and rolled into a cone.  Lots of them!  PA140061 And you build three layers of them to finally come up with this…..

PA140062  It’s not finished yet.  I have to mount it on a colored foil covered foam core board and put a bow or Christmas balls in the center.  But I used an old dictionary for the pages and they are larger than the normal page you would find in a hardback book.  So the wreath is HUGE!  It will make a great focal point in a room. 

I have a couple of ideas beyond what was given in the original instructions.  I am thinking of spraying the wreath with “snow” and making it white.  On a dark blue background, with white, blue and silver balls in the center.  And then too, since it will be mounted on foam core, I am thinking of taking a string of lights and putting in the center.  I could either do a hole in the center of the board for the wire, or with all the cones, a wire coming down would be pretty well hidden.  We will see.

Of course, the cones are just the right size for Maki to stick his head in each one, checking it out.  When finished, I will show pictures of the final wreath.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

There’s a Different Light

Besides the dip in the thermometer, there is another sure-fire way to know it’s autumn.  There is a change in the light. 

PA070010  There seems to be s softness to it.  Not the crisp, bright light of spring or the strong beam of summer, but a gentle light.  There is a bit of a glow to it.  Almost a sadness.


The light as I walk the dogs seems a little tired, like it has used up all it’s energy to warm us and it apologizing for the cold bit of winter to come.

PA070028  I love the light in fall.  It’s peaceful.  Spring has that energy to it.  Summer just plain wants to boil you.  Winter bites at you.  But fall just wraps you in a warm shawl about your shoulders. 

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Homework and More Homework

I go to work.  I come home and do homework.  I take homework to work with me.  All I seem to do is homework these days.  But that’s fine, because I enjoy school and don’t mind the homework.  However, I have had some assistance which is a little more assistance than I need.

Macchiato, or Maki for short, has emerged from my bedroom into the rest of the house.  Especially if I am at the big desk working.

P9300009  Maki feels it is his responsibility to assist…by getting into any and everything on top of my desk.

P9300013  Helping with the computer is another favorite activity.  Usually punctuated by walking across the keyboard several times.  Luckily, I usually lock my touch pad and use a mouse, so not much damage is done.

And when Maki is not on the desk, then the top of my chair is a favorite perch.  That way my hair can be eaten.  That activity earned him his first claw trimming as kitty acupuncture was not what I had in mind.

P9290003  I think, like diving in the Olympics, I should get extra credit for the difficulty of my task.  This is worse than a child.  At least they will settle down and watch a DVD.