Saturday, March 04, 2006

To "Hair" is human, to cut devine!

This is Trumpet Princess (see below)......please note, she is currently the only well person in the house. Goth Daughter is getting better, I'm still looking for either someone to shoot me or whack me in the face with a brick. It can only make my head feel better. You can identify me as the one at the keyboard with the kleenex stuffed up my nose, breathing through my is such an attractive picture!

Anyway, for the past months/years, Trumpet Princess has been letting her hair grow out (mainly because Goth Daughter/Big Sister was growing her's long). Her daily ritual involved semi-brushing and pulling back into a pony tail until bedtime. She might/maybe braid it occassionally, but that was it----ponytail only.

Then she got the "cut it" bug. Being of short hair myself and having to fight with her over washing, brushing, etc. I was delighted. Even Goth Daughter was approving and suggested something "spiky".

Trumpet Princess was even more delighted when she found out she could donate than "tail" to Locks for Love, to help out cancer patients. Whose family has not been touched these days by cancer in some form or another.

Located a place that collected the hair and in we went......

Before......(please note semi-after-school-day-tangle-in-tail)

And then.........


Do you know they still have the "Pixie" cut!?!?!? I remember getting it done when haircuts were done with stone tools! And that's how the young hairdresser referred to it.

She then came home and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening chatting with friends and telling them about it. She has been all grins and delight over this. I am delighted in that now I won't have the fights over washing/brushing.

But the most surprising part is that after it was cut, her hair is much darker looking than before. If I get mine cut will it look, it usually looks more gray!