Sunday, August 06, 2006

Catching Up.....At Last

Well, decided since, once again it is suppose to be a hot and steamy day, I would clean my room and play catchup.

This is what rain looks like. This is from about a month ago and the last time we had any rain. It looks soooooo
nice and cool. There is about a 2 foot drop to the creek bottom, so when we get a lot of rain quickly, the creek will swell up and flood. Luckily, we are far enough away as are the other people, that it looks neat, but doesn't bother any

property. One of the guys did try and canoe down it one time it flooded up like this. It was pretty funny. He kept getting hung up in the trees. But it does down as quickly as it rises.
This was also the last time my garden saw rain. And the last time my tomatoes looked this nice.
Right now, there is really nothing left as we have had a couple of weeks of 100+ heat index. I did manage to can about 20 quarts of tomatoes for the fall/winter. Can't wait for the first soup and chili made from them. I have some all yellow tomatoes canned which will be pretty neat to make soups from.
Yesterday I attended Grower's Day presented by the Triangle Orchid Society. This is my "seedling" I was given for attending. My first Cattleya and it is fragrant. It is not as yellow as it appears in the picture, more green and the lip is more white. Came home and looked at my other orchids. Maybe I haven't managed to kill most of them after all. I am thrilled to see that one I thought was dead did put out a keki. I really need to cut it off and repot the baby. It's from one of my dendrobiums.

Well, Semi-Goth Daughter is laying on my bed, and eyeing me. Apparently it is all my fault she has to clean her room. I asked why, as I had not said anything to her about it. "Because your room is clean." And yesterday, Trumpet Princess cleaned up the kitchen and living room, far more than her list of chores required. On one hand, I'm thrilled, on the other I am looking for the broken items we're covering up.

Need to finish clearing off my desk. I want to get some stuff entered into my family history information and get that going. Also want to get the family cookbook going. And......
well I have enough "plans" to keep me going for centuries! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tomato Update

This is Taxi. A nice yellow from last year I am growing again. Right now it is about 3 feet high and loaded with fruit. Unfortunately, it does it's thing and then leaves, but it is an early producer, so I like it.
This is the fruit on the Malshur. This is my first year with this one and am really looking forward to it. I have never seen sprays of blooms so large. And the fruit is teardrop shaped with some white veining.
See how many blooms are in the sprays. Right now there are about 10 such sprays on the plant. Am expecting tons of tomatoes off this one.
This is my garden helper. Normally Sir Helsing leaves you alone. He's not as friendly as my other two cats. But let me walk down to the garden and his is between my feet, wanting me to mess with him. But isn't this what every woman wants, a male groveling at her feet? I just want mine a little less hairy and with only two legs! Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 19, 2006

Killed Two Machines......

This is an update without pictures....which will tell you how things are going! I have a suit to make by next weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) and have managed to kill both my sewing machine and Best Friend's machine and I am on another friend's machine. Hopefully, I won't kill this one until said costume is complete.

Knitting-wise, I am hooked on the Peaches and Creme washcloth reprinted in Mason-Dixon Knitting. I did a combo of blue/yellow for my mother and grandmother for Mother's Day and got those off. Also with the linen hand towel. I was concerned about the linen and if it would really soften up when washed....and it did. So nicely that I want to make a linen tee now.

But the washcloth is a no-brain knitter, perfect for knitting at work. I am using up the odds and ends from the Crystal Palace Cotton chenille and the variegated cotton yarns I have on hand to make some for my "instant gift" stash. I also have 3 skeins of some alpaca lace yarn in black to try my hand at a lace shawl for Goth Daughter. I have attempted to start it several times and haven't made a satisfactory start as of yet. But once May is over and the Animazement convention is over, I will try again.

I have a pair of socks in the works that will go with me to the convention so I can sit and knit while all the girls are "conventioning".

Tomato front.......all the plants are in bloom. John's Big Orange is only about 12 inches tall and covered in blooms and now baby tomatoes. Most of the plants should have babies on them within the next week. We have been very fortunate to have a nice rain at least once a week and temperatures have not been that hot....yet. Suppose to get into the 80's and almost 90 this weekend, so that should really make them grow.

Off to sew!!!!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rainy Sunday Update

Does this count as housework? Cleaning? No, but it is a gray, rainy Sunday and I HAVE done a load of laundry (or "warsh") and a load of dishes. The girls are quietly in bed. OK, it's only 7am, but this body can't change the "time to get out of bed" regardless of the day of the week.

I wasn't going to take pictures. Being very lazy, but decided it wouldn't be the same. I did have plans to go outside with these and set them in the grass and take their pictures, but we would have all been wet. This is the final verison of the duck which morphed into a chicken laying down, like the duck, and then became a sitting chicken with feathers. It's a Lion Brand free pattern.

And then there is the over-stuffed fox. He too is a Lion Brand pattern.
Posted by Picasa Then there is my WIP. This is the linen towel from Mason-Dixon Knitting. Like everyone else I took one look at the book and had to have it. I plan to do the mitered blocks to use up scrap yarn. The linen towel is for my Mom for Mother's day (hopefully). I have never knit with linen before, so it is a little interesting. A little stiff and scratchy. I will be very interested to see if it does get soft and fluffy when washed (or "warshed" as we say south of the Mason-Dixon line).

Right now I am suffering from Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival envy. So much so that I have investigated how far away (5.5 hours) and started my money jar for next year. I want to go!!!!
And buy!!!!

On the tomato front, things have been doing great guns. Just enough warm weather to really shoot the 'maters on up there. Most of them are 12-18 inches tall now with blooms. My White Oxheart and Green Grape however, are looking a little sad. They might hit the trash heap if they don't pick up in the next week. Have lost one bell pepper, my Orange Bell. So I will see if I can replace that in the coming week.

But a list of what is in the garden I will save for another day. Too much effort today. Am happy to say that with the rain on Friday night and the rain today I won't have to water this week. And I did get alot of the lawn mowed before it started.

Off to pretend to clean house!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Morning Update

Actually this should be called "Sunday Morning Avoidance of Household Chores".

A slightly blurry picture of the Market Bag I crocheted. It's one of the Lion Brand Yarn free patterns. If you look carefully, you will see a couple of needles sticking out of the side. This is the reason for the lining/no-lining debate going on in my head. My only concern is if Iline it, even leaving gathers in the lining, it won't be as expandable. Decisions, decisions.

Posted by Picasa One of my favorite times of the year has arrived in North Carolina.....STRAWBERRIES!!!!

I have already made one batch of jam and have a couple of baskets to make some more in the next day or two. Besides just eating them and "jamming" them, I have gotten on a strawberry margarita kick. Of course, under Goth Daughter's harsh eye, they are without rum. But we are all enjoying a refreshing slushy drink every couple of days. But I don't think Trumpet Princess standing on the front porch, with glass in hand, hollering out to her friend who is being dropped off by her father "Hurry up! Mom has made margaritas!" is quite the impression I wish to make, or explain to the parent, offering samples as proof there is no "proof" in them.

And here is the garden as of yesterday (and part of the camera case). I got the other 3 tomatoes planted, laid down newspaper between the plants and covered with a thick layer of leaves. Good thing as it got down in the high 30's last night and as off 9am this morning was still very cool and breezy. But my garden area is in a very low part of the surrounding area, so very sheltered.

By the way, this picture was taken before I mowed the back yard yesterday afternoon.

One of the benefits of gardening down here is the scent of the honeysuckle that forms a wall on one side of the area.

Posted by Picasa So I listen to numerous podcasts and garden and am quite content. I have found that I can listen to the podcasts and still hear the birds and other "nature" sounds, but it sure helps cut of some of the car noise, crying baby noise and other irratating sounds.

I'll list the podcasts and hopefully the links that I am listening to shortly. Try to have a "Podcast" blog entry.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spring Time Catch-up

This is a little bit of everything to play catch-up.

Knitting-wise.......this is what I have been working on. Originally the pattern is for a duck and from Lion Brand. However, it was going to be for Easter, so I made them into chickens. Please don't go into a craft store and ask if they have "chicken legs"....they look at you very strangely.
So I made legs out of pipe cleaners. And then, instead of having them lay down like roadkill, I had them sitting up and with some funky feathers coming out of their heads. These were to be Easter presents to all the girls, etc. instead of candy. And it worked....only have a few ducks and chickens left in the "flock". Did make a couple of skunks, fox, and a hedgehog, but didn't get a picture before they left. Batteries for the camera were in various CD players!

Who can resist this face?

Posted by Picasa

There is a sleeve-less sweater vest that I just needto sew the frogs (as in closures) to and it will be finished. Pictures on that later.

This is the clavia that a co-worker gave me a couple of years ago from her plant. I have been

waiting and waiting for it to bloom. It has been sitting in a corner, fairly forgotten. I decided last week the temperatures were fine now and was going to set it and some orchids on the back steps. Picked it up and what did I see but orange!
Thought the flowers would be on longer stems, but who's complaining. It's blooming.

Also on the gardening front. What feels like 6 million tomato plants are in. Dug 3 2' x 50 foot rows. Told myself that was it. Until I got back from Farmer's Market yesterday with 3 more plants, so 1 more row.....after all I need the exercise!

These are the first 3 rows. Dug and weeded before we had any rain. The area between the rows is wide enough for the mower to go down.

I now need to mulch the plants with the ton of leaves I have.

This is the Better Bush that I planted in a pot about 3 weeks ago. Before I got my other tomatoes from NCTomatoMan (who is called a tomato guru and quoted in the April/May Organic Gardening). I have achieved fruit set!!!
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This is today's project which pointed out several things...

1. I have no arm tone/strength. So you are safe to duke
it out with me....a couple of punches and my arms are

2. When hammering, the fat doesn't swing around all
that much.

3. Even with all the space around them, it is so different
feeling to walk down the row with stakes in the ground
than without. Like walking down a hallway.

So for the rest of this Sunday.....

1. Make strawberry margarita's without the "rita". Have to do something with the berries!

2. Later this afternoon, start putting mulch around the plants. Too much sun now (for me, not
the plants).

3. Sew some on Carolina's costume/suit.

4. Clean up the kitchen and fix a big chef salad out of the fresh lettuces and spinach I got
at Farmer's Market yesterday.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Small Update

Ok, I must be doing something right. Or more than likely, not doing something wrong. But notice baby sprout on orchid. This is actually a few weeks ago. The "sprout" is now about 4 inches tall. I have a couple more orchids putting on new growth, so am hopeful of having several in rebloom. I can't wait as some of these I have not seen in bloom, having bought them as young plants.

New Orchid Growth

But today's job is getting the garden redug and underway. I have a ton of tomatoes, peppers and eggplants from NCtomatoman to get into the ground. I already have a Better Bush and a Bush Golitah in pots. Yesterday was spent with the lawn mower, having gotten it back from being repaired....clogged fuel line.

Knitting-wise....a ton of chickens and ducks. Will try and get a picture before they all departure for Easter.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

To "Hair" is human, to cut devine!

This is Trumpet Princess (see below)......please note, she is currently the only well person in the house. Goth Daughter is getting better, I'm still looking for either someone to shoot me or whack me in the face with a brick. It can only make my head feel better. You can identify me as the one at the keyboard with the kleenex stuffed up my nose, breathing through my is such an attractive picture!

Anyway, for the past months/years, Trumpet Princess has been letting her hair grow out (mainly because Goth Daughter/Big Sister was growing her's long). Her daily ritual involved semi-brushing and pulling back into a pony tail until bedtime. She might/maybe braid it occassionally, but that was it----ponytail only.

Then she got the "cut it" bug. Being of short hair myself and having to fight with her over washing, brushing, etc. I was delighted. Even Goth Daughter was approving and suggested something "spiky".

Trumpet Princess was even more delighted when she found out she could donate than "tail" to Locks for Love, to help out cancer patients. Whose family has not been touched these days by cancer in some form or another.

Located a place that collected the hair and in we went......

Before......(please note semi-after-school-day-tangle-in-tail)

And then.........


Do you know they still have the "Pixie" cut!?!?!? I remember getting it done when haircuts were done with stone tools! And that's how the young hairdresser referred to it.

She then came home and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening chatting with friends and telling them about it. She has been all grins and delight over this. I am delighted in that now I won't have the fights over washing/brushing.

But the most surprising part is that after it was cut, her hair is much darker looking than before. If I get mine cut will it look, it usually looks more gray!

Monday, February 20, 2006

It's Monday....and no snow!

Really was hoping for some as the girls are out of school today and tomorrow and they could have their snow and not have to make up a day of school.

I, on the other hand, have to go to work. Since Trumpet Princess spent 2 nights away from home this weekend, maybe she and Goth Daughter can make it through the day without killing each other. One can only hope.

No pictures of what has been knitted......that is called lazy! I have finished a shrug and have debated and debated about it. I am use to loose things and this is a snug shrug. I did throw it on one day and wear it to work over plain old t-shirt and got several compliments on it. Maybe I will come home and take pictures and let others decide for me.

Started a shawl from the Lion Brand site for their microspun yarn. I had bought a ton of the purple 2-3 years ago when they were having a sale at Michael's on it and never did anything with it. Liking the pattern, but feel I will still be knitting on it a year from now.

LYS finally got in some Lorna's Laces sock yarn and am knitting up a pair of simple socks on 2 circular needles.....first time trying that. Took a little getting use to, but getting the hand of it and I do admit I like the fact there aren't needles poking out everywhere. But I was use to the DPN's, so still undecided, but like the feel of the yarn.

Oh well, have to get dressed and get to work.........

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I am a bad cold person......

Yesterday was not a good day......when you try to upgrade your system from ME to XP and you have only had 1 cup of coffee and 2 pieces of toast at 5:30am, then don't blame others when you start having a low-blood sugar melt down at 1pm. Of course, driving through McDonalds to get a little something to get you going again as you are taking your computer over to Mr. Fix-it and having them mess up your order (1 hamburger, 1 sweet tea extra ice....what's to mess up you ask?) doesn't help matters.

Then at the end of the day, finally getting back online so that you can mail out a ton of ebay wins to people and you stop by Taco Bell (yes, it was a fast-food day) and they short you on your cinnamon twists and you have to go back to Taco Bell to correct said order (rolling on the floor with Goth Daughter over the cinnamon twists is not how I wanted to end the day). However, since I had already come home once and thrown (yes, thrown) the main part of the order into the house, she would have probably given them to me without a problem.

So this seems very fitting.....

Fit fit fits.
You will perish of fits. Repeat this to yourself:

"Things can work out even if I don't get

my way. Things can work out even...."

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?
brought to you by Quizilla

But with a dose of "night time cold relief" and a short day at work today, maybe my rapidly approaching cold will rapidly approach and slide right on by....sniff, sniff, blow.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Waiting for Ebay to End

While I am waiting for my ebay auctions to end, I will attempt to find what I did with this little booklet which is suppose to get me organized with the knitting needles that I own. This was my goal, as I unstashed, detrashed, organized my storage room. However, somewhere in all the chaos, I have misplaced this cute little book. Not only will it hold a notation of the needles that I already have, it has a handy reference for converting yards to meters and all those grams and ounces. Plus it gives me a ballpark figure of yardage needed for various articles so I can walk into a yarn store with confidence. But I lost it.....guess that is the universe's way of saying....."stay out of stores!"

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday....Early....Need Coffee

This is half of the new purse I am knitting. This is the half of the purse that on Wednesday night nearly had a Mudslide Mocha dumped on it at Borders Bookstore. Best Friend and I met up and were chatting and catching up, seated on a coach. My mocha was on the long coffee table in front of us. To my left, and facing us, was this delightful lady who was beading on a wall hanging she was making. The three of us had already traded ooohhhss and aaahhhhsss over each other's projects. Beside her was her college bound daughter and directly across from me, an older gentleman.

Through all of us, sweeps "A Lady", whose purse proceeds to knock my Mocha off the table onto my purse and feet. And she keeps right on going. Best Friend does a "hey, you just knocked over her coffee" as I am trying to get my feet out of the sticky mess. "A Lady" stops and glances back over her shoulder, "I did that? Don't know how, but it's so crowded in here" and goes right on. Thankfully, I had the coffee for a while and while warm, it wasn't hot.

Older Gentleman gets up and advises the Borders crew who come out with mop and we get everything cleaned up. Luckily, nothing spilled on the knitting or the wall hanging. I'm adopting the "that's life---she probably had a terrible day" which is surprising since I am usually the one that would be in-your-face/or loudly behind your back confrontational. Older Gentleman tells me that the store will replace the drink. I'm like, not worth the bother. Few minutes later, here comes Borders Lady and replaces my mocha.

I just hope "A Lady" has a better life than she was demonstrating Wednesday night. I must have a pretty good one as complete strangers took care of me.

I hate to brag on myself (no I don't), but just about have the storage room turned into something usable. Moved enough stuff out. I mean out all the way to Goodwill. Now I moved a drop leaf table up there. This way I can open it up and use the table for crafting, or sorting fibers (next job).

In the meantime, during non-purging of storage room, I am working on this scarf out of baby alpaca. Really the yarn is so soft I want a full body suit out of it. I also finished the other half of my purple purse, so it is ready to to sewn together and lined.

The yarn, Chunky Misti Alpaca is a light celery green. I can wear the scarf into springtime.

One good thing about purging my stash (and I am being brutal) is that I am pulling stuff to sell on eBay and then I do have a stack of needlework I am going to donate to a couple of woman whose home burned and they lost all their needlework stuff. Give unwanted stuff a good home.

Well, off to purge another closet of "stuff".

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ok, I'm Nuts!

This is the regular size, brown paper grocery bag (or sack, depending where you're from). It is full of pecans. Bulging full of pecans. So full I just know at some point in time one of the cats will dump it over. I have a second bag about a quarter full and there are still a ton on the ground under the two trees in the yard. My pecan-mania has gotten so bad, that as we walk out to the car (which is under the two trees) I stop and pick up nuts and put them in my pocket. Goth Daughter has gotten so that she has to tell me to "step away from the nuts, Mom".

One problem with the nuts however, besides my compulsive behavior to pick up every one, is that as the sun rises, the crows invade. Did I mention we have a tin roof and that the pecan trees are right over my bedroom? Did I mention that crows like to try and eat the pecans and crack them. Unfortunately, sitting in trees, crows have problems holding on to nuts. So, as I lay in bed some morning, nursing strep throat, headache, what-have-you, I get.....

"CAW,, bong, ting...CAW.....bam, bam, ting...CAW, CAW...."

on the tin roof. If I wasn't only about 6 blocks from the police station I might be tempted to try my hand at some target practice. And the cats.....they only make the crows caw more.

By the way, those nuts don't count the ones that I gave away, or the 3 bulging quart bags of pecans in the freezer (down to 1 1/2 due to holiday baking).

But am on vacation. And what do you do besides put your feet up? You clean out the storage room and "get organized"! It's a new year, let's do some purging and straightening! So this is my living room. I have the save pile (shades of Clean Sweep--TV viewing does pay off after awhile), a Goodwill pile, a trash pile and an eBay pile. There is the pile that is for the senior center and piles for a couple of friends. I bring down a bin at a time, sort and return it. And in the process, organizing all my yarn and sewing supplies. I have started a data base of the yarn that I have in my stash, including gauge. Looking through some books yesterday I realized right off I have the yarn already to try a couple of patterns.

And no, while I am not the world's greatest housekeeper (I'm not in the top 100 either), it normally doesn't look this bad. After all where would Goth Daughter and Trumpet Princess lounge?

One of the best things...I rounded up 11 skeins of Caron Simply Soft that I had purchased at AC Moore for "something" or "somethings" and were there. Back into an AC Moore sack they went and back to the store. Since there was no receipt, I HAD to take store credit (poor ol' me) and used it to buy the yarn for a couple of purses out of Lion Brand Wool East Thick and Quick. And a couple of skeins of Fiore. Pictures of at least part of the purse later.

Back to the storage room!!!!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Day Three and On a Roll

If you need a model, get Goth Princess occupied killing things on the TV screen and you can drape all sorts of stuff over her. Cats included. This is the loopy scarf I made out of 5 skeins of yarn my sister sent. I did 5 rows of loop stitch and 5 rows of garter stitch, using up each strand. Luckily the colors of the yarns did blend in together.

The 4 legged model is Carroll (we thought it was a girl when it was little and named it Carol, turned out to be male).

This is a closeup of the "Loops and Garters" as I call it. It was a mindless project during the holidays. What I liked about it is that I made it a little wider than I should have and it folds up on itself. Goth Daughter likes it. Trumpet Princess thinks it's weird.

Also on the holiday working on is this spiral dishcloth. I got tired of the plain square one, even though I gave them away to happy recipients right and left. Easy pattern. I have done 1 alternating colors on each of the "wedges" of the spiral. Good way to use up some of that left-over cotton yarn.

I enjoy this washcloth a lot. Easy, easy once you get the pattern down.

And this is the bottle holder I am working on getting the "pattern" down for. It is crocheted and was shown to me by someone who made up her pattern, every time she crocheted it. Anyway, I am trying to get a little more "formal", but have tons of color combinations, adding beads, etc. that I want to try.

Day Two and Finished a Project Already!

Day two of the new year and I have already reduced stash and completed a project. This is a purse that was featured on the Carol Duval show. My sister had sent me some balls of yarn and I had one ball of Patons UpCountry and one of Moda Dea Cache. The UpCountry is a chunky yarn and feels sssssooooo soft. Makes me want several balls for a shawl or sweater. I doubled up on the Cache and knitted up the purse. Since it was a cast on 30 and stockinette for 54 rows, it went really fast, about 2 hours. The lining that I am using is some white cotton that I
dyed with the left over Lumiere paints I had in blue, green and purple. I am planning on using the rest of it for another purse that I saw on Carol Duval, but first I want to stamp some images on it with black Lumiere paint.

The lining made with Lumiere paints. This is my first attempt at painting fabric and it was fun.

This is the front of the purse. Since I didn't have enough chunky (the only time I feel chunky is cute) and I was combining with the Cache, I had stripes. The last stripe ended (or started) just right so that it is at the fold in the bottom on the purse.

This is the back of the purse. Or I guess you could say this is the front and the other side is the back.

This is a close up of the flower that is on the front/back of the purse. Since the stripes ended, I needed something in the blank space.

What is really neat about the whole purse thing is that about 5 years ago I bought literally a SUV full of craft items at a yard sale where the lady was getting out of the flea market business. Part of it was a hefty garbage bag full of the plastic purse handles. They were all from the 60's and 70's and I just had them stuck back. Now they are in vogue again. I did paint the handle of this purse with some moss green paint since I didn't like the plain brown plastic look.

Now, onward and upward. Almost finished with a hobo bag that is on the Lion Brand site, but doing it in wool and plan to felt it with a ton of flowers on it. Will see how it goes as I also plan on cleaning out the storage room this week while on vacation and the kids are in school.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Starting Off New Year with a Bang!

Well, I am starting out the new year with the designation of being a "great mom". Goth Daughter turned 15 on the 28th of December. We had the sleepover on New Year's Eve. A am sure there were a couple of parents that were glad they had their kid out of the house on New Year's Eve. But all her friends "dressed up" for the occasion and we had masks. Goth Daughter requested that I turn her Phantom of the Opera style mask into a matte black with a rose on it. I did.....sort of.....but she was happy with the result.

"I blew out 1 candle!"

She didn't want a traditional cake, since she was going for the sophisticated look and was having hor d'orves. So I made semi-petite fours and lemon poppy seed pound cake. I stuck a candle in the center of one of the little bundt cakes.

Luckily, both Best Friend and I burn candles, so we had a big supply of votives, tea lights and 1/2 used pillar candles. I saturated the room with candles and turned off the lights. They only got to come in when "dinner was served". Trumpet Princess got to play butler/waiter, so that made her happy she got to be in the middle of everything.

This really doesn't show up the candles as well as I would like, but what can you expect, taking a picture in candlelight.

One good thing about having friends who are all semi-goth, there is a lot of black. I have cats who are not afraid of anything, so black jackets to lay on is just up their alley. Keep an eye out for potential laps and get cat hair on everything. Even all the giggling didn't scare them off.

So for at least a few days I am a good mother. Trumpet Princess did not get jealous or upset or "left out" during the whole procedure. I basically got up Saturday morning and told her that her job was to stay out of my way and her sister's face. So she had the whole day on the computer IM'ing everyone and talking on the phone with occasional interruptions to take out some trash. Double good mother! Got things done, no fighting.

Let's see how long the "good mother" lasts.