Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm Loved!!!!!

Robin, at Alchemy Studio, loves my blog! Much to my daughters' relief. They thought they were the only ones who checked on mom's blog.

Thanks, Robin. Before I go into the 7 I nominate (and it's hard to narrow it down to 7) I would like to thank those who do wander over here and take a minute in my world. Those of us who blog do so for a couple of reasons I think. One, is it is a forum to express ourselves verbally and visually. Second, it is a chance to reach out to others with our same interests who might not be near us physically. Believe me, when I talk about most of my craft interests and art doings at work, eyes glaze over.

So my seven are:

Cynthia at Shiny Little Things

AmandaJean at Crazy Mom Quilts

Maralena at MCDC3S (have to go there to find out what it stands for)

Andrew at Urban Paper Arts (or &rew)

Berlin's Whimsy

Pomegranates and Paper

and of course......

Patricia at From the Inside Out (among others)

Rules of being tapped for this award.....

1.The winner can put the logo on their blog

2. Link the person from whom you received your

. Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4. Link those blogs to yours

5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you nominated.

Thanks again Robin. My daughters thank you too!

Art and Pens and Pencils

Texter has inherited her mother's gene which responses to pens and pencils. If you have a Sharpie, it's history. So, during the move, it was no surprise I came up with all of this.....

Two tubs of pens and pencils. Now there have been 2 more smaller bins added and this does not cover the 2 huge ziplock bags of pens/pencils in the closet.

Texter (and OD) has been a "doodler" and "drawer" all her life, so the artistic ability has been passed on. She has even drawn up my next tattoo if I can get up the nerve to get over the pain of having it done. I did promise when I had it done I would let her go with me.

But Texter does exhibit a lot of her work.....like this.....

She has promised not to do "all" her jeans this way...the mother in me does require at least 1 pair of "undecorated" jeans.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Good Read!

I saw this book recommended on another blog (sorry I can't remember which one...bad me!) and checked it out of the library.

This is a book to be savored like a fine wine or box of good chocolates and not gulped down. I have been spacing it out over lunches and breaks so I have several moments of laughing to myself and reinforcing my co-workers belief I am really nuts.

Now even if you don't care much about bird watching, read the book anyway. The first 3 lines of the book sets the mood....

"I grew up in England, a small country near Ireland where we all love the queen and the sun don't shine. Because of the lousy weather and the unfair distribution of wealth, the place is filled with sad people with not much going for them. My homeland has a strong tradition, however, of inventing safe pursuits for all the losers."

Read it....it's great fun.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


This is the Lacy Kerchief Scarf out of the Holiday Gifts issue of Interweave Press from a couple of years ago. This is another one of those projects I started and just couldn't quite "get it" and had put it up for a long, long time.

With the move I dragged it out, frogged the entire thing (think I was almost finished) and restarted the scarf again. This time it "took" and I zipped right through it except for a brief posting on Ravelry to be sure I was reading the directions correctly. There is an eyelet created as you increase the center section which is suppose to be everything 6th row (out of 8). I put an eyelet every 4th row. Made it easier for my brain to get around.

Anyway, it's done except for a little blocking and weaving in a few ends. However, looking at the scarves I have draped around my bookcase post (anything can be turned into a scarf holder) I have 3 green scarves already. Can you tell I like green!

So I will go back to a shawl I have started (not green!) and will see about doing more needlework. It is really hard for me to get back into the needlework. Knitting is so simple, only 1 skein, couple of needles, pattern and off we go. Easy to get back into. The needlework requires more "stuff".

The fourth green scarf? It's going on a journey to Texas as a belated birthday present.