Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow More!

Been awhile.  First, I decided to stand on my head during the first round of ‘snow’.  Gave myself self-induced whiplash trying to protect myself from hitting my head.  Failed on that, but didn’t hit it first.  Got my shoulders/neck.

Then, because of the bouncy temps, I have issues with sinus infection, allergies, whatever.  Feel like crap.  Now on some mega-antibiotics, which if price determines anything, they should cure just about anything wrong with me.  Even with insurance and them being generic, they were $40……hope they help.


On Wednesday,  we had another snow storm (the picture above is from the early February snow).  It snowed in the morning.  Looked fluffy and pretty on the trees and grass, then was gone by noon.  That’s the kind of snow I like.

So, back to school work, sewing, antibiotics, nasal spray, Kleenex.