Saturday, February 23, 2013

Not Half Bad

We had an assignment in Photography class last week and since I was rushed for time, I combed through the pictures I have taken over the past few years for examples of what we needed for homework.

This retrospective pointed out a couple of things to me.  First, I REALLY need to sit down and get my pictures in some kind of order or groupings.  I think this will be an excellent project once in Montana when I am snowed in and tired of needlework and knitting.

The second thing is - I'm not half bad at this photography thing!  And with a point and click camera.

Tulip (but how I got the totally black background I have forgotten, it was not taken against a black background)

Walking bridge over the Neuse River

Duke Gardens in the Spring - part of their Asian garden area

Green Lady at the State Fair 2012

Foggy morning

Downtown Raleigh, across from the Convention Center - what you photograph after 100's of My Little Ponies

Under a pier, North Carolina Coast

Pond scum can sometimes be beautiful
I can see my 'eye' and what I am learning in class slowly coming together.  One of the things she is emphasizing in class is to learn not to take 100 shots and hope you get a good one, but to take shots and get 90 good ones.  Once this move is over I plan on getting a "real" camera and explore all the wonderful outdoors in Montana.  "KB" (the grand baby to be) will learn to hike with me and my camera. 

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Self Portrait a'la Andy Warhol

We had an assignment in my illustration class to do a self portrait.  I loathe pictures of myself and don't really like taking pictures with people in them (does that say something about me?).

My idea was to take a picture of myself and turn it into a stencil or stamp and then put that image on different things I have an interest in.  So this is the result.....

In Photoshop, I cut out my face and put it on a transparent background and then used a 'stamp' filter.  Then I printed off the picture on different papers.  Then I glued them to a 9 x 16 sheet of drawing paper.

From top left to right:

1.  knitting/crocheting
2.  reading/books/writing
3.  drawing/painting/photography
4.  music/entertainment
5.  cooking/food
6.  fine arts/history
7.  gardening/plants
8.  fabric/textiles/sewing (was actually printed on fabric)
9.  coffee/tea!
10. puzzles/games
11. travel
12. nature/outdoors

I don't think anyone has to worry about their Andy Warhol art going down in price anytime soon. But now I have a dozen images of myself, starring at me.  

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Homework and Montana

Super busy these days.  I have Texter and Texter-to-be living with me while Gibbs is in San Diego for two months for recruitment training.  Between going back and forth from Raleigh to Jacksonville, NC for her doctor appointments, working, battling a sinus infection from hell, homework, life has been interesting.

But here is an assignment done in Illustrator.  We had to copy this poster....

This is the original we were given to copy.  And to render in any color we wanted to.  The sprinkling of color splashes in white we didn't have to add.

So I went with colorful and did this....

I think I nailed it.  Very pleased with my outcome, especially since the Pen Tool and I aren't friends...yet.

But other news which is keeping me busy.......

Texter and Gibbs are moving to Montana, his new posting.  I'm retiring the end of February.  I'm moving to Montana too!  Since Savvy is in Arizona and Texter will be in Montana, at least this puts me on the same side of the country.  So there will be a drive to Montana with dogs, baby or baby soon to be born Texter, get them settled and then back to North Carolina to pack up and move myself.  The Marines are moving them, so I can't combine 'stuff' with them.  But since we will be combining households and most of their stuff is newer, I am leaving a ton of stuff behind.

Actually, this is going to be fun.  I feel like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.  Retiring, moving, disposing of a majority of my possessions....a rebirth.  What is interesting is what I am selecting to move....certain books by specific authors, sewing, knitting, cross stitch supplies, computer,  my orchid and rosemary bush.

Oh, and did I say my move to Montana will be via Arizona as I drop off the rest of Savvy's possessions to her?