Saturday, October 27, 2012

Not Enough Time!

I scheduled myself with too much work and not enough time for homework this week.  So after scrambling (and whining) I got a couple of people to  work for me today so I could get all my homework done in basically one day.  And there is a NaNoWriMo kickoff today too.  And housework....

Anyway, we had to do a postcard of a favorite place.  Since I have some pictures I took in Paris and I don't have to worry about copyright, etc., my postcard is of Paris.

I'll take it.  Work for me.  So now to throw in a load of wash, eat some breakfast and back to homework.  

Monday, October 22, 2012

Trying Not to be a Couch Potato

This time of the year makes it easy(er) to not be as much of a couch potato.  Actually, there are times I feel like a 10 lb. bag of potatoes.  I work, tied to a computer for 8 hours a day and then I come home and do school work which has me tied to the computer for 2-3 more hours a night.

But they are really doing some great things just up the road from me on the Neuse River Trail.  They are paving the pathway - which is wide enough for a truck to drive down by the way.  And they are building bridges across the river so there are more access points.  One such bridge is just suppose to be a couple of blocks away from me when finished.

But this is the drive up from the parking area when I have been taking Noel for walks when I can.

I think it is amazing, in the middle of a large urban area, that there is this slice of beauty and peace.  Granted, while walking, there are times you hear the cars and see the backs of houses (boy, would I like to have one of those houses which back up to the trail). But for the most part, it is a really meditative walk if you wish.

There are a few joggers and bikers on the trail, so I haven't ever had it completely to myself, but still, they are few and far between.  And at 20 miles or so, you do get a lot of peace and quiet to walk if you wish.

And you still have the opportunity to see some wildlife like this....

Hopefully, I will keep up some walking and observing instead of sitting all the time.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Latest Homework Assignment

This week's assignment was a doozy.  We had to duplicate a little, red-haired cartoon boy.  The style is not one I really care for, but the tools used will come in really handy.

This is the original.

Cute design.  Learned a lot about blending and shadows and creating shadows and layers.  Tons and tons of layers.  And the pen tool.  The tutorial stated this exercise should take you about 40 minutes.

Well, if you multiply that by about 12, you would get the amount of time it took me to complete the project.

This is my little boy.  I think I did a fair job of duplicating the original. 

Then we had to create a 'companion'.  It couldn't be a 'twin', but had to be something or someone different.  Since Texter is into monkeys these days, I went with monkeys.

The final picture was the boy and his monkey with a ball playing outside.  The background we didn't have to do, but just sitting there on a blank canvas was boring. 

 The only problem is that I now have a huge backlog of videos I want to watch on different techniques and I still have a dress to sew.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Midterm Map Project

Midterms are in process and in my classes I had to submit design projects.  This is the project for my Adobe Indesign class.  We had to create a two facing pages spread about what we have learned so far and where we are going.  In fact, the assignment was labeled Typography Map.

And as it happened, I took a walk this past week and took pictures which flowed well into my project.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Halloween Tweaked.....

Did a little tweaking to the picture.  My tweaks made Savvy a little scarier, which I am sure will meet her approval.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Happy Halloween (Mid-Term Project)

This is my mid-term project for my Photoshop class.  We had to at least use 1 picture from our 'stash'.  My problem with this is I have over 5000 pictures now and I really realized I need to get my pictures better organized.  That will be a job for several hours in front of the TV.  Maybe a "Lord of the Rings" viewing would be good for that.

The faces are my daughters, their significant others, their dad and step-monster (her term, not mine).  They are coming out of a foggy lake picture I had taken.  Played a little with liquify, smudging, cropping.  Actually, it is so easy to forget the time when you start working on one of these.

But this was an easy exercise in that I didn't really have to think about what to do.  When I read the assignment I knew immediately what I wanted to do.  Used a couple of hints from tutorials out of the "Practical Photoshop" magazine I had on hand.

So we shall see if my instructor likes it as well as I do.   I hope she will think treat, not trick.  BOO!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Quick and Dirty Poster Idea

So this week's chapter in Typography class was about posters.  Being a child of the 60's and 70's, posters were a mainstay of my youth.  This was your chance to get back at your parents by putting up a poster you knew they wouldn't like.  Instant rebellion!

And they were cheap.  So even those of us on an allowance could afford them.  Sometimes they even came in the albums we bought (remember those?).

Anyway, we had to design a poster along the lines of a 'public service' announcement.  And this was an assignment that as I was reading the directions I knew immediately what I wanted to do.  Of course, it didn't hurt that I am reading The Hobbit to get ready for the movie.  It was decades ago when I first read it, so a reread was necessary.

Reading is a big thing for me.  And with all the different ways you can read a book these days, there is no excuse for not reading.  You can listen while cleaning house or commuting.  Electronically is another way to read a book - even graphic novels can be read on a pad.  But I had to admit my favorite is still the print version.