Monday, August 31, 2015

Mandala Monday

These are the African violets at the library which I water once a week.  They were handed down to me by someone who retired last year and I have managed to not kill them in that year.  In fact, they are blooming.

Today will see the last of the old apartment.  I have a tad of cleaning I want to finish up and then it's all about unpacking and settling into our 'new' home.  I have to get some boxes out of the way today as new appliances are due tomorrow.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week In Review - August 23 - 29

Our summer reading program is drawing to a close at the library.  One of the prizes the kids could earn was a rubber ducky.  So much to my surprise, as I walked during my break one day, to see this little guy sitting all alone.

Right out there in the middle of Last Chance Gulch walking mall, he was just sitting all by himself.  And then I realized it probably wasn't all that unusual.  After all, he had found some water for a quick dip.

On my return trip he had vanished.  Hopefully, he had been returned to his reading owner or found a flock of rubber duckies to hang with.

HUZZAH!  This week has been long and tiring, trying to get things situated in the  new house, the last of things out of the old house.  Thus, for the week I surpassed by goal of 70,000 steps in a week.  I hit 72,803 for the week or 33.32 miles!  Of course, most of that was up and down stairs lugging boxes and furniture.  I had 5 out of 7 days I went over 10,000 steps (my goal for the day) and 1 day I came so close I should have walked a few more steps.  Now I'm hoping my steps will be made by actually walking walking and not working walking.  Of course, I do walk to work now.

Texter started school this past week.  I am so excited she is so excited about it.  Tuesdays are going to be long and I can see by the end of the semester they are going to be really long feeling as she is there from about 8:30 in the morning until 6:00 at night.  But she knows a girl who is in all her classes but her online class.  I'm so happy my baby girl is making friends!  So Lady K and I are together on Tuesdays to see what mischief we can manage on that day.

Books - another big category this week...
  • started unpacking boxes of books, making sure they were in Goodreads and placing them on my new shelves in some semblance of order.
  • Finished 1 book
  • Joined Blogging for Books and requested my first book to review.
  • Received by Chaotic Goddess Books & Bloggers swap partner and have the books in mind I will be sending out next week.  (This was fun and can't wait to reveal what I got her!)
Writing - 
  • Managed to do some daily journaling
  • Planning started for this year's NaNoWriMo write-in's and my own writing
  • 5 blog posts written
Fabric and Fibers -
  • Managed about 1/2 a round on Sophie's Universe
  • Had my 1930 Farmer's Daughter quilt book spiral bound in prep for QAL starting on September 28.
  • Decided what fabric style I will be using for the QAL - batiks!  And instead of a white background, I think I am going with a gray and bright batiks for the blocks.
So for the coming week - 
  • hopefully by the end of today (Sunday) I will have the old apartment cleaned out.  Moving the fish tank is going to be an issue.
  • new appliances arrive on Tuesday, so my job will be to keep Lady K out of the way from 'assisting'.
  • More books will hopefully be unpacked and placed in the house
  • Getting a new routine down for the new house.
  • Planning what I want to get down the following week when I am on vacation!
    • finish painting bathroom and kitchen is one thing
    • fabrics for QAL purchased
  • Mailing off my swap package
  • Menu planning
Things are coming along, slowly but surely. I will be glad when the whole 'move' thing is over with finally and I know my friend, Christine, and her son, B, will be!  They have been troopers lending arms, legs, backs and truck to the process.  I promised her drinks next week, but B will have to settle for a milk shake!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Now You See Me - Movie Review

Almost as bad as having access to books, is having access to DVD's.  Frankly, I had not heard of "Now You See Me" before.  But then when I was checking it in and saw the line-up of Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo and Woody Harrelson I decided it might be worth watching while knitting or crocheting or something.  I was a little leery because I'm not really a Harrelson fan, but decided to give it a try.  Texter actually watched it one day before I did and told me "Watch this movie!"

The premise of the movie is four street magicians are 'invited' to join forces by an unknown person.  Within a short time they are the hottest act going. Then they pull off a fantastic, unbelievable trick which is the first of three big tricks.  And they are messing with millions of dollars in the bargain.

Morgan Freeman plays a magician who is now known for his documentaries debunking tricks and illusions.  Mark Ruffalo is the harassed FBI agent in charge of catching the magicians. And the chase is on.

The effects/illusions/tricks in the movie are well done.  No sex, not much cussing, and the violence is pretty low keyed.  What is happening is a really good movie which makes you think while you are enjoying yourself.  Well worth putting the crocheting down to watch the magic tricks.  Definitely a movie worth spending an evening with.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Aches, and Pains, and Bruises...Oh, My!

Yesterday was the first day in class for Texter.  On one hand, she is glad it's all one day and not multiple days.  On the other hand, she is there from about 9am to 6pm.  That means Lady K and I have all day together.  We ran errands and put together two big bookcases at home.  She hung with it the best she could, but then while waiting to pick up mommy, she gave up the fight.

However, I still have several boxes and an apartment cleaning to accomplish.  But at least I have most of the new place 'done'.  But I am looking forward to not have to 'move' anything or put anything away.  I want to get back to knitting, crocheting, sewing and reading.  And waking up without feeling someone ran a dump truck over me in the middle of the night!

One thing I did discover while purchasing my new bookcases is they are no longer in 70's apartment black or white.  I got the 'dark' wood and they match very closely to the entertainment center in the main room.  Score!  Now to fill them up with books from the pile in the basement.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Mandala Monday

My tangle of purple yarn from this row of Sophie's Universe.  Not that I have gotten to work on it any this past week or so.  Mainly because a certain two-legged someone did this to the skein of yarn...

And I had to spent a couple of hours locating the free end and rewinding the ball of yarn. Of course, she had help...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Books and Bloggers Swap Upcoming

In the midst of this crazy move, how could I pass up the opportunity to play with books?  This is the upcoming swap I am involved in and I can't wait to pick out books and see what I receive in return.

Week In Review August 16 - 22

This week has been exhausting and while you are reading this on Sunday, I will be loading up all the BIG furniture with a bit of help to move to the house.  Texter and I have painted and painted and painted all week.  Unfortunately, while we have good air flow through the house, smoke from the numerous forest fires in several states, has kept Helena in a fog. But another plus, is I got to walk to work three out of four days.  Texter and Lady K met me for the walk home a couple of days.

The main living room/library area (as I am calling where my computer/sewing table and books will be) were painted a nice sage green with a cream border.  I carried those colors into my room which is off to the left of the picture above.  Savvy's room got two shades of purple and a green.  It is PURPLE.  Texter's room is a couple shades of blue and grey trim.  The bathroom between my room and Texter's will be the cream of the trim in the living room and a blue for the huge vanity/countertop and shelving.  We just have the kitchen to do and that will have to wait until I'm on vacation in a couple of weeks.

On other matters:
  • Walked 64,948 steps or 29.24 miles
  • Vitamins 3 days
  • Read 1 book
  • Help lead the Nonfiction Book Group at the library
  • Painted and baby sat while other rooms were being painted
  • Wrote 3 posts
  • Got my book for the Farmer's Daughter 1930 QAL
  • Scheduled dates for write-ins for NANOWRIMO in November
I am exhausted.  And there is still work to be done, but it is coming to and end (I think).  

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mandala Monday on Tuesday

The pile of newspaper the china was wrapped in was quite intriguing.  So I did a 'quickie' with it.  Today (Tuesday) is my day off and will be spent, after 3 days of painting, at the old apartment, packing and running back loads of 'stuff' and dumping them in the basement until we can get the furniture over to the house, hopefully this weekend.  Texter starts school one week from today, so there is much to do so we don't have to worry about moving things while she is trying to study.

I have a week of vacation coming up which I hope fill be spent (1) cutting out and playing with the QAL for the 1930 Farmer's Wife Quilt group and (2) painting the kitchen and downstairs bathroom.  In the meantime, there is beauty in trash.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week in Review - August 9 - 15 (No Mandala Monday!)

Since I am sitting on the floor in front of my computer, you can probably guess why I am day late in posting my week in review.  Yesterday I was so focused on getting the walls of the living room/library area painted I completely forgot.  But the picture above tells you what we have been doing - MOVING!

Savvy and CJ signed the papers on Thursday and we started with the painting and moving things over bit by bit.  Christine and her son, B, helped us get the mattresses over the first night so we could sleep here.  Despite not having 'things' at the new house, it was a relief to get out of the cramped and cluttered apartment and let the dogs run in the yard and have some play room too.

The dogs aren't the only ones enjoying the new yard.  In watering to try and revive the lawn (I need to rake), Lady K is enjoying the yard too.

Right now I am so sore and my waist feels like I have done 1000 sit ups.  I wish I had a count on the number of times over the past couple of days I have climbed up and down off the chair, painting and taping walls.  Right now we just have the trim left on the main room, Savvy's PURPLE room is almost complete, just the paint on the shelves.  CJ is waiting on his room while he puts up his desk and stuff.  Getting his computer up and running in his 'man cave' of a room was more important than painting.  Texter's BLUE room is almost done.  Just trim work done.  My room is suppose to be hammered out today before I go to work.  Hopefully, we can 'borrow' Christine and B again to move over the entertainment center and couch for the living room in the next couple of days. But in the meantime...
  • signed up for a QAL starting in September. It's my birthday and I want to start something new for the new house.
  • bought two tables at a yard sale I'll pick up on Thursday.  I will be using them in the main room as my computer desk/sewing tables.  They will look way better than a desk in the room, plus they will give me more room than the little student desk I have.
  • vitamins - well, at least I now know where they are.
  • finished 1 book, abandoned another and in the middle of a really good one
  • steps walked....right now I am too tired to get up and find a pen and paper to total them up.  All I know is that I hit 10,000 2 days last week and am beating Christine in steps - finally.
Unfortunately, now of us could take off work to accomplish the move in one fell swoop.  So we are going over and packing up a few things at a time and moving them over in my car.  I am washing clothes between trips and painting.  New appliances should be here in the next week or so.  My goal is to get everything over here by the start of next week so I can go clean the old apartment up before the end of the month.  Maybe, if I count pennies well enough, I can just hire someone to go clean!

In the meantime...

Actually this has been relocated to the front entryway closet and my kitchen is about 1/3 moved over. The important things, like my coffee pot, the sugar and milk and mug and spoon were in the first load.  I know I will wind up rearranging where a lot of the things go once I can get a 'flow' in the kitchen under my belt.

So off for another cup of coffee and more painting before work today.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Oregon Trail by Rinker Buck

When this book came through my hands while checking in books at the library, I snatched it up for a couple of reasons.  First, Oregon Trail was probably the first game the girls and I played on the computer together.  Many hours were spent deciding on horses or oxen to pull the wagon.  How much food, ammo, clothes to take only to die from a broken leg or cholera on the trail.  (Yes, it was fun.)  Secondly, and don't spread it around, but owning a riding mule has been on my list of things I covet for years.  At one time I wanted to find a big Tennessee Walking Horse mare and breed her to a mammoth jack for a Walking Mule.  Reasons - good size animal to ride that doesn't trot and is smart. Yep, mules beat out horses for smarts in most cases.  I had also just finished up reading about Grandma Gatewood and her hiking the Oregon Trail when she was in her 80's.  Figured the book had a few things going for it, but was prepared to dump it from the reading wagon once I started as being boring. 

WHOA, MULES! Was I wrong.

Rinker Buck, writer, decided he needed to try and recreate a covered wagon trip on the Oregon Trail when he was on another trip and stopped to stand on the ruts where the trail had gone through.  The next year was spent pouring over maps, reading journals of pioneers who made the trip and planning for a trip of his own.  In the back of his mind was the 1958 trip as a young boy, when his father took them on a covered wagon trip around New England (about 350 miles), an experience he never forgot.  Luckily, his brother Nick, is an expert team driver of horses and all things mechanical - including wagons.  However, they are very different in temperament, so there were doubts in Rinker's mind this would be a good fit.  Especially when Nick wanted to bring his terrier, Olive Oyl along, a dog whose hygiene was suspect. But a year or so later, Rinker, Nick, Olive, Jake, Bute and Beck hit the trail.

What follows is a delight.  I didn't want to put it down, even to help a teething 2.5 year old get to sleep (4 molars coming in at the same time).

Buck skillfully weaves the past with the present and gives a picture of a part of American history so often overlooked or underplayed in school.  I know when I was going through school it was the Revolutionary War, then bang - Civil War.  Nothing much in between.  I was of the option there was one wagon train up the Oregon Trail and Buck sets the record straight for me.

Some of the things I learned -

  • More than 400,000 people over the course of several decades moved from East to West over the trail.
  • The 'trail' itself can be miles wide and there are several cutoffs or alternate routes on the trail.
  • There was a thriving system of stops along the way to resupply travelers.
  • We were dumping trash on the side of the trail in the 1840's.  Oversupplied or items not needed were dumped so the animals could pull the wagons all along the trail.
  • The Mormons used the trail, so much so, they want to rename it The Mormon trail.
  • And like people, mules have personalities and work ethic.  Some of which doesn't exactly make life easy with them.
Despite relatively minor setbacks with wagon and terrain, Rinker and Nick made the 2100 trip in the summer of 2011.  All along the way, 'trail families', and in fact, whole communities, came out to assist along the way.  The trail itself, which in many cases, is now paved over and long turned into highways, was just part of the journey.

I will admit I teared up at the end when he crosses into Oregon.  And then there is the question of what do to with the three mules he bonded with over the months on the trail - another teary moment.

While the book does make me want to travel in a covered wagon, I don't think I could do it for the months it took to navigate the trail.  I would probably have been one of those original pioneers who died crossing a river or of disease (which I spread to the Indians who originally where only trying to help).  Or I would have taken one look at the hill they had to go over and said forget it.

All I can say about this book - READ IT!  It's a delightful way to learn about an important part of American history and how it still plays a role today.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Mandala Monday

It's Monday! Again! And the closing date is tomorrow! And I'm not really ready to start moving!

But at least I have time to make the move as we have the apartment to the end of the month.  But just wish it was over with and I was settling in to the new SPACIOUS environment.  With a yard for dogs and Lady K to at least stretch their legs in - without leashes.  Any of them.  And more sewing room!

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Week In Review - August 2 - 8

It seems everything is on hold for now, just waiting until we can start the move to our new home.  The big weeping birch in the front yard of the house came down this week as part of the agreement.  However, it seems they have left us a load of wood still in the yard. Hhhmmmm.  CJ keeps saying "bonfire" and we keep telling him - no!
  • move is days away - lots of painting coming up - Texter sat down last night with Savvy and CJ and got approval on colors and what will go where
  • 42,572 steps or 19.65 miles walked
  • 6 posts written
  • 1 book read (on a really good one now)
  • Texter had her orientation for school and is excited about starting. 
  • 2 rounds on Sophie's Universe is finished
  • Watched the live stream for the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion. Texter and I are excited.  CJ isn't.
  • Picked up patterns on sale at Joann's for future cosplay.  They released a couple of new ones Texter was poised to get and have me make.  
  • Went to library for an iPad story time for Lady K.  Apps are now on 'booka' at home.

  • Jumper made for Lady K.  It's a little big (I used Childs 3 rather than Toddler 3 size), but she loves it.  It has pockets!  She stood in my room Saturday morning, going "Gramma. Dress!"  I can see a lot more sewing for Lady K in the future. 

  • Trip to Farmer's Market for lunch and exercise.  Dog bones were brought home.

Next week:
  • Signing paperwork on house (not me, but Savvy and CJ)
  • Start painting and moving (yard for dogs and Lady K and me!)
  • Pick up Texter's books for class
  • Dentist appointment for Lady K (who is cutting two teeth by the way)
  • Volunteering as a pourer for the Brewfest on Saturday evening (want my free t-shirt and glass!)
  • Shakespeare in the Park - hope to be able to see at least one of them.  Cyrano and Taming of the Shrew are their two productions - with a Western theme.
I have been trying to do the Plan-the-Night-Before challenge.  I realize I need to plan in the morning, with my coffee.  I am better at reviewing at night and then planning in the early morning.  But soon (only a couple of days) I can sit on the front porch with my coffee and do my planning in the morning! 

In the meantime, I feel like I am holding my breath.  Just waiting for the 'next thing' to be able to start.  

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Lumping Them All Together

Last month, a couple of people I follow on YouTube had a One-Book-July challenge where you narrow down your calendar/journals to just one.  Well, I found out about this about mid-month, so I decided to start in August with this challenge.  I currently have an ARC calendar and my journal, so I found a journal on sale and am creating my own calendar/journal in one for August.  It's only the 4th and I am having mixed feelings about it.

On one hand I am enjoying the flexibility and the creativity of making my own calendar for the week.  I have also done some collages in the journal.

But I am missing having the ability to go to 'the future' and write in 'stuff'.  So will have to see about some adjustments if I continue with one-book-monthly.  But I do like the ease of just having one thing to tote around.

Then, if that wasn't enough, I came across this August Dare on Gimme Some Oven - Planning out your day the night before.  Now this really appeals to the Virgo in me.  As I sit here this morning with severe heartburn from the night before, one of my 'plans' is to eat early and not wait for CJ to get home.  I can't eat late and go to bed and then feel like I'm dying all night.  No more late eating for me!

Anyway, I printed out the Storyline forms (and descriptions) and started on my planning.  It helps me to have some focus or a path to follow.  Otherwise, I find myself at the computer playing stupid Facebook games rather than accomplishing anything!  Although last night I played a BINGO game as part of a Jamberry Party going on online and won a mini-pedi kit, so Facebook isn't totally bad.

And since I dragged CS into the 'planning' and we are working on getting 'organized' together, I have to be more focused.  Oh, wait, I'm moving in a week!  Organized....pfffff.  At this point in time my pre-move activities is involving the plan to throw things in a box, carry it over, unpack it and repeat.  

I obviously have some work to do.

One More Week (if I last that long)

Savvy's view from her new room.  Built in shelves/window seat.  A cushion is in the plans for this space along with a new paint scheme for the room.

So I have been in a foul mood the past few days weeks and I think I have finally figured out why - overcrowding!

I'm a person who needs her own 'space' and no one touching/into 'my stuff'.  Unfortunately, we have been 4 adults, 3 cats, 2 large dogs and 1 toddler in a space which should really only be for one person.  I don't even think this apartment is 900 square feet, probably closer to 800.  And we are in flux and living on top of each other.

There's no air conditioning and since we are on the top floor, with the heat, our apartment gets hot.  The portable unit we have on loan from a friend is in my room.  Which means Texter and Lady K are there during the day too.  Along with the dogs and 1 cat.  And it too hot to take Lady K out during the day.  

With them in my room, there is naturally their 'junk'.  So I come home from work to find my room a disaster area (not that it's really all that clean anyway).  And poor CJ....Well, he has been living in the living room, sleeping on a recliner.  Luckily, we did have a small desk available for him to set his computer up on, so at least he's happy in that respect.  And I keep pumping Brisk Tea to him (his drink of preference) to keep him at least content.

But I need my room!  

There will be a yard for Lady K and the dogs to run around in (not large, but at least some room).  And I can pull the Southern genteel lady and sit on the porch and sip iced tea while keeping an eye on them.  

Because of the size of my room versus my furniture, my computer will be out in the main room.  Lots more room.  Like double the size of our current living room/kitchen area combined.  And in the basement I can have my sewing machine and craft area.  And people OUT OF MY ROOM!

So let the painting commence!

Monday, August 03, 2015

Mandala Monday

I used an image of one of Carol Wilbur's dyed pieces and a bit of photoshop to create this mandala.  

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Mr. Holmes - Definitely NOT What I Was Expecting


Ok, first off, let me say that Ian McKellen could fix me scrambled eggs any time he wants too.  Yes, I know he's gay and I know the odds of him fixing me anything after an intimate moment are far higher than me winning the lottery.  But I'm saying I think he's talented and sexy.  So.....

After the week I'm had, I needed a bit of something out of the house and Savvy and I hit the theater Sunday morning when we could pay the matinee price and there wouldn't be a crowd.  In fact, I think there were only 6 of us in the theater at the time.  I had a HUGE container of popcorn and a banana icee (which really isn't good even if you like fake banana-which I do) and a box of Milk-Duds and settled in for a bit of Sherlock Holmes.

We had both seen the trailers and by those I thought "Holmes last case", a little light hearted, nice way to spend a hot Sunday morning when you don't want to be outside.  AND BOY WERE WE WRONG!

Don't get me wrong.  If I were asked how many stars out of a 5 star rating I would give this movie, I would give it 6 or 8.  But it is not the light-hearted flick we thought we were walking into.

Sherlock is now 93 and is having some issues.  The main one being he can't remember the reason why he left London and stopped being a detective all those years ago.  It wasn't just that Watson got married and left, there was more to it and he wants to set the record straight.  Problem is, he is old and forgetting things.

One of the first things which lend themselves to this sense of fragility is when his doctor tells him to put a mark in a diary every day when he can't remember something.  And you see the pages having more and more marks on them.

Slowly, as the days go by as he writes and talks to the young boy, Roger (played by Milo Parker), bit and pieces of his last case come out.  He knows what Watson wrote of his last case is not the truth, but he doesn't know why.  And now he is realizing how cold facts and logic played out in a tragic manner in his last case.  

There is a trip to post-World War II Japan which ties in with the story, both past and present.  And bees.  The bees are important to the story and tie everything together.  But when Sherlock breaks down and cries because he realizes he is not all logic and facts and cares for Roger, I almost lost it.

Milo Parker, as Roger, is fantastic as a young foil to the elderly Holmes.  Laura Linney, plays Roger's mother, and is superb as a young widow whose son is her whole life.  Ian McKellan....just fantastic.  They did an excellent job of showing him as an older Holmes, pursuing his last case, and an elderly Holmes chasing fragments of his memory before they are gone forever.

Savvy and I left the theater and headed out to the car a bit dazed, feeling like we had been sucker punched.  I don't regret a dime I spent and would gladly pay the full admission price to see it, knowing what I know now.  Having just had the loss of 3 people I knew recently, this movie hit home and hit hard.  It punches you in the stomach and then rips your heart out.  Not a light movie for a Sunday morning by any means.  BUT ONE YOU HAVE TO GO SEE!  Just realize the laughs are all in the clips you see before you get to the movie.  And I still want my scrambled eggs, Sir McKellan.

Week in Review - July 26 - August 1

  • 5 pints of peach jam made - 1 was actually a peach/ginger jam
  • 3 books read
  • 32,701 or 19.57 miles walked - Christine kicking my butt the past few weeks
  • vitamins - remembered 3 days
  • went through huge stack of magazines
  • found a jar for my 'blessings'
  • 5 posts written
Lady K knows there are feathers in the jar and wants to dump them out and play with them.
  • tons of ideas for organization and Christmas
  • pre-planning for Nanowrimo underway - both for meet ups and my own writing
  • discovered artist name for Savvy's possible present
  • trip to Farmer's market and picked up the following:
    • green beans
    • new potatoes
    • leeks
    • garlic
    • basil
    • tomatoes
    • bell pepper
  • managed to make it to Cafe Zydeco for beignets 
  • tried a dry rub for BBQ chicken - really good
  • created some journal vision boards for myself on creativity, exercise and food.  forgot how fun and relaxing collage can be.
  • came up with a Christmas idea for kids I want do to (more details in coming months)

The week ahead - 

  • up my steps and water and vitamins
  • more peach jam
  • Chapter 2 of book
  • baby-sitting while Texter at orientation for school
  • some packing (if I can get boxes)
  • delving into my one-book-August (instead of one-book-July, more details coming)

The big 'event' for the week was the finding of this book - 

The first book I remember reading and loving and probably the start of my love of horses, was this one, Black Beauty.  It was probably the first book I was ever given a copy of for my own.  Over the years my copy fell apart in all the decades of moves.  I have been on the lookout for a replacement copy, mainly because I wanted to reread it 5 decades later.  But I didn't want to just go onto Amazon and buy a copy.  And this week, in a local used book store, there on the top shelf, was a copy.  Not only a copy of the book, but the exact edition I had.  That's MY book!  And for only $4.  Yes, Black Beauty isn't a sweet little 'horsey' book, but rather a sad look at the cruelty of people and the life horses had to live at one time.  I remember crying when Ginger died.  So I will be fitting a walk down memory lane into the schedule this week.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Textile Exhibit Highlights How All Things Temporary

So it starts like this.  I am looking for the name of an artist Savvy and I saw last year at a gallery here in town.  The 1+1=1 Gallery is delightful and is on my route between the library and Starbucks, so I am always at least sticking my head in to see what is going on.  But I happened to step in (total body rather than window shopping) and this is what greeted my eyes.

Note:  the rabbit sculpture in the mirror is covered with hundreds of tiny faces and created by Susan Mattson.  Coveting her work.  Don't know if I want a rabbit or fox.

Textiles!  Dozens of woven pieces and shibori.  

The artist is Carol Wilbur, who unfortunately passed away this past April.  This is her last show and all the pieces are already sold (or I would be begging on the corner for pennies).  I talked to Susan Mattson, another artist who was watching the gallery on Friday, and learned the story behind the exhibit and it really hit a note based on my current experiences.  Carol, it seems, had just lost someone in her life and was taking a walk when a leaf fell to the ground in front of her.  She thought about how that leaf will die and be absorbed back into the biosphere, never leaving a mark of it's passing.  Thus this collection was born.  The fabric/scarves, which are created using a shibori method, are dyed using natural plant dyes

This whole collection hit me on several levels.  One, I have recently lost someone with whom I have a long history with and will leave a hole.  Secondly, I have a couple of friends who dye with natural dyes, mainly wool, but also fabrics, and sometimes use a shibori-style method. Walking into this exhibit was like walking through the woods.

Having tried my hand at weaving decades ago, I know how hard it is.  I have managed to stay away from dying my own wools and fabric, but this exhibit makes me want to give it a try.  I love this exhibit and hate it the artist is no longer with us to continue to give to the world these lovely pieces.  But at least she has left her mark on the world and won't be forgotten.