Sunday, October 28, 2007

Backdrops and how to value yourself......

Here are the flats Savvy and I painted for the Celtic Halloween celebration this weekend. It was my first time at attempting something like this. She has had some experience because of theater in school. If you notice on the bottom of the second one from the left is a small animal. We laughed, saying it was either a fox or a mad squirrel. Boy, was she thrilled when the first group up told everyone during their set "shh...there's a baby fox up here". But hopefully this will get her some theater points for school.
Anyway, I "designed" and painted the backdrops and agonized the entire time "they weren't good enough". Slowly I am getting so I can value my art/craft things I do. For years, if someone said something about what I was working on, I would put it down with "no, it's easy" or "no, it's nothing".
But it is something. So now, I am telling myself to at least say "thank you" and leave it at that.
On the other hand, I am looking at these backdrops as giant ATC cards.......

Sunday, October 14, 2007

and the problem with this argument is?

Conversation coming home from Ren Faire meeting with Drama Queen.....

She: Glad it's getting colder. Now I don't have to shave my legs as much (malicious grin as she knows I can't stand hairy legs on women)

Me: "grimace"

She: Just think, if this was the middle ages I would be in style. (evil grin)

Me: And you would have had 3 children and died of the plague by this time in life!

She: (rolling on the floorboard laughing) So by not shaving my legs, I would have had 3 children
and died?

Me: yep (emphatic nod)

Can't see what's wrong with my logic! Why is she still laughing? It could have happened!

No, I'm not Perfect and I'm Trying to Embrace That!

If I could drop my inner critic I figure I would be half the person I am now. My inner critic can get so LARGE at time, I think I would probably go from a size XX to M poundage-wise if I could just ditch that HUGE inner voice. I am sure part of it is being a Virgo. After all we can be our own worse enemies. Believe me, I know more about my faults than anyone else.

But I am trying to listen less to that inner voice. For example, these pumpkins. I got a wild hair one night, found some patterns surfing the web and tried out different patterns. The best one is from Did a knitted one and then one where I just wrapped yarn around a ball of polyfil and took them into work and set them on top of my computer. I was "OK" with them, but after being at work for only 1 hour, someone came up and bought them!

Then I have a second person who is going to pay me to make little table clothes for her granddaughters' little play tables.....because I can sew and she has seen "what beautiful work I do". If you asked me, I would tell you "yeah, I can sew, barely".

But I am getting better at ignoring my inner critic and listening to my inner muse and my inner creative voices. My BF has commented several times now about how, when I was in church with her and they asked for people to identify themselves as artists, I raised my hand.

Being an artist is not what puts food on my table. But I am slowly shoving the doubting voices away and identifying myself as a writer/artist. The family cookbook I have talked about doing for years now, is nearing completion. I have the recipes 99% done, am pulling old family recipes and scanning handwritten recipes and other items I want to include in the cookbook. I have a rough outline of what was starting out to be 1 "trashy paranormal romance" which split out into a trilogy.

My BF's birthday is coming up and I am trying to/needing to/having to embrace the financially poor me and creating her birthday presents. I always feel like making her gifts is somehow second rate to buying her something. But no, this year I am holding my head up high and making her presents. Each one has a special meaning to her and thus as I work on them, I am thinking about her and all she has come to mean to me and my girls. So in many ways this is a 2-way present. I am giving something to her which should have a lot of meaning to her, it's one of a kind and at the same time I am getting something back by having spent time thinking about her and all she means to me.

So no, my drawing, painting, beading is not "perfect". And my scales will still read XXX when I climb on them today. But at least for the moment, I am not listening to that doubting voice in my head and feel better for it already.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pumpkins and Acorns and Cats

These are a new idea I picked up. Experimented with "natural" versus "golden" acorns. So far everyone likes the natural. So I have picked up a bunch of acorn tops from BF's yard will make a bowl of these to decorate with.

They will go perfectly with the other project I am working on.....felted pumpkins! The first 2 I did were sold within an hour of getting them to work. So I now have 1 one and 2 white and 1 small black pumpkin. Had to get some Cascade 220 to make more with. Will post a finished orange pumpkin shortly....not just one posing on Drama Queen's head.

Not that she's shy or anything, she was more than willing to wear this to school if she could as a hat. I need to find her a really, really funky hat to wear. She put it own after I had felted it some, so I figured it would at least be drying around.

This is the kitty I quickly knit up from spare yarn. Actually, it is the second one. The first one was a little smaller and only 1 color. But they were both grabbed and taken off into no man's land.

Monday, October 01, 2007 stupid

This is the sign in our local grocery store parking lot. It has been in place for several years now (at least 4), but it always makes me laugh when I pull in. I know they put the rocks there to keep people from running over the median (like people will do to save 6 inches of driving....but really. I would like to know how many people actually hit the rocks (which are about 2 feet tall) before they had to put a sign up to show there are some really big rocks on the ground.

But it makes me smile.