Sunday, September 25, 2005

Updated At Long Last

Yes, I have been very, very, very lax in not updating either blog. In fact, I am just going to put everything in this one blog and stop trying to maintain separate blogs for separate interests. This summer I got a little down and didn't feel up to doing much of anything, but that is on the mend. I am knitting and cross stitching again. Reading and journaling like crazy.

This is what I did yesterday with a good friend. Blewgo has been wanting to visit his childhood town of Gastonia and go to RO's BBQ and eat there. Their big claim to fame is their cole slaw which is would famous (ok...state famous!). Best Friend (his wife) wanted GI Jane (formerly known as Trumpet Princess) to help out with some craft stuff she is doing for Christmas. So I dropped GI Jane and car off at Best Friend's and climbed in the car with Blewgo and off we went into the 7:45am Saturday morning. Our first stop, after all we did have to make about a 3 hour trip, was in Pittsboro for breakfast (we had gone about 20 minutes).

Two eggs, over medium, hashbrowns, country ham, toast

Al's is one of those wonderful little, hole-in-the-wall, everyone-knows-everyone-else type of place. Great food, good prices. Stuffed and ready for morning nap in the passenger side of the car.

We made it to Charlotte in one piece, laughing at some of the stuff on NPR radio and made our second pit stop---TO EAT! Oh, did I mention the reason I was willing to make the trip to Gastonia and spend most of the day in a car was the closest Jack-In-The-Box to me is in Charlotte and I went along on the condition we stop at Jack to get Monster Tacos? Ok, they're frozen, deep-fried tacos, no redeeming virtues other than I love them.

Two Monster Tacos!

As we were entering Jack, the manager held the door open for us and said hello. I told him we had just driven all the way from Raleigh in order for me to get Monster Tacos. We paid for the tacos, but he gave us our drinks, 2 double fudge cakes, and 2 of the little foam 'Jack'. One is still in the package, being saved for later. The other I stuck on a pen to use since I don't have a car antennae that stays up all the time.

We got back in the car, me munching away on the tacos much to Blewgo's dismay and off for the final leg of the outbound trip....RO's.

Blewgo is happy! One Hot Dog and one sliced BBQ with slaw on it's way to the car, along with a pint of cole slaw to take home.

RO's does not have a tradition drive through. You pull up out front and these cute little guys take your order and bring it back out to you. Fetch-and-carry guys are reason enough to go to RO's. Pity it's 3 1/2 hours away. However, they are probably safer that way. The fetch-and-carry guys did think it funny I was out of the car taking pictures. After the drive however, I wanted proof for Best Friend we did make it where we said we were going. (Actually, she was glad to have a day of 'peace' from Blewgo, I don't think she would have cared what we did or didn't do.)

So, with both of use suitably stuffed, we made a tour of Gastonia. Blewgo is amazed how much smaller the houses are that he grew up in and how much has changed in XX number of years.

On the way back we stopped at a roadside apple stand and I got apples and apple cider. Ok, the story is that I want to eat more healthy with these fresh apples. The truth....there is a great recipe for apple-caramel muffins in the September Southern Living. I will eat several off them as plain old apples. Mystery of the universe....if I sit down in the evening and cut up the apple, GI Jane and Goth Daughter both appear and will eat all the apple I am willing to cut up. Same thing happens with oranges and tangerines. So I guess "if I will peel, they will come and eat".

The weather was great for our road trip. We had a great time and Blewgo and I are plotting future road trips. He loves driving the backroads. We are discussing touring the wineries in North Carolina, but only if we can get away from Goth Daughter. She frowns on us having anything to drink. Policed by a 14 year old!

Beautiful day all around!


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