Sunday, August 06, 2006

Catching Up.....At Last

Well, decided since, once again it is suppose to be a hot and steamy day, I would clean my room and play catchup.

This is what rain looks like. This is from about a month ago and the last time we had any rain. It looks soooooo
nice and cool. There is about a 2 foot drop to the creek bottom, so when we get a lot of rain quickly, the creek will swell up and flood. Luckily, we are far enough away as are the other people, that it looks neat, but doesn't bother any

property. One of the guys did try and canoe down it one time it flooded up like this. It was pretty funny. He kept getting hung up in the trees. But it does down as quickly as it rises.
This was also the last time my garden saw rain. And the last time my tomatoes looked this nice.
Right now, there is really nothing left as we have had a couple of weeks of 100+ heat index. I did manage to can about 20 quarts of tomatoes for the fall/winter. Can't wait for the first soup and chili made from them. I have some all yellow tomatoes canned which will be pretty neat to make soups from.
Yesterday I attended Grower's Day presented by the Triangle Orchid Society. This is my "seedling" I was given for attending. My first Cattleya and it is fragrant. It is not as yellow as it appears in the picture, more green and the lip is more white. Came home and looked at my other orchids. Maybe I haven't managed to kill most of them after all. I am thrilled to see that one I thought was dead did put out a keki. I really need to cut it off and repot the baby. It's from one of my dendrobiums.

Well, Semi-Goth Daughter is laying on my bed, and eyeing me. Apparently it is all my fault she has to clean her room. I asked why, as I had not said anything to her about it. "Because your room is clean." And yesterday, Trumpet Princess cleaned up the kitchen and living room, far more than her list of chores required. On one hand, I'm thrilled, on the other I am looking for the broken items we're covering up.

Need to finish clearing off my desk. I want to get some stuff entered into my family history information and get that going. Also want to get the family cookbook going. And......
well I have enough "plans" to keep me going for centuries! Posted by Picasa

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