Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's Been Forever..................

Ok, so I have been very, very lax.....but then my life has been very, very busy/weird/full/odd the past year. But (fingers crossed) things are looking up, both in my life and my daughters' lives, so we are moving forward.

Things going on:

1. We volunteered in the NC Ren Faire this year. I made both the "noble" dress and the peasant dress. Plus an extra peasant dress for a friend of oldest daughter. We will be doing it again next year (after all I was award the Order of St. Michael this year for volunteering!) and will be doing a pirate outfit, another noble outfit, and I think I want to be a crazy herb lady.

2. Decided not to put in a garden this year. This is a VERY BIG decision, but I figured I am the only one that eats tomatoes unless it is in soups, chili or sauce. Farmer's Market is close, cheap and they are getting more and more "heirloom" vegetables there. And I enjoy going. And I don't have time that I want to give up from other things to take care of the watering and weeding.

3. Working more on my writing and art "stuff". Getting into the ATC and altered books, art journaling more and more. Now that my house has been rearranged, I almost have a "studio" setup so I can keep things off the kitchen table. I now have a desk (actually an old kitchen table) and a drop leaf table to use in my bedroom now.
So it's off to take Trumpet Princess to the orthodontist because somehow or another she was running outside at school, tripped on her flip flop, caught her braces in the zipper and pulled off a bracket.

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