Monday, November 12, 2007

This week.....library sale!

Ok, I know it is good/noble/wonderful to volunteer. However, my volunteer project this week is very, very selfish. I am admitting it up front.....I'm a bad person I know.

This week is the library book sale. I worked this weekend so I could take today off and go help unpack about 400,000 books and put them on tables. Since kids are out of school, Trumpet Princess will be helping me. I am also working the sale after work on Wednesday night and again on Saturday morning.

What is selfish about all of this you ask? To get the first crack at books of course! The ultimate is to get in on Sunday morning an hour before the masses to get my boxes of books for $5. I'm a selfish bitch I know!

Related to books, I have only written about 3000 words for NaMo so far this month. So part of my goal this week is to get to the writing meet up Tuesday night and to up my word count. I would like to hit 10,000 by the end of the week. Don't expect I will hit 50,000, but would like to get closer than 3000.

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