Sunday, December 30, 2007

Walking....30 miles

I have started walking to work. According to my one way commute is about 2.43 miles, so basically, I will have 5 miles a day round trip. I have done it a couple of times already, so it is doable. It will mean leaving for work about 30 minutes earlier and getting home 30 minutes later. But the plus side is that I am off my butt walking! And if the weather happens to turn bad during the day, there are enough people at work who would be willing to give me a ride home.

So far, apart from some miscellaneous dog walks, since the 16th of December I have walked 30 miles so far. I would like it so I am walking 100 miles a month. Seems to be a reasonable goal.
What I would like to do is get a map of the Appalachian Trail and mark off miles to see where I would be if I were walking the trail.

I already have a decent pair of running shoes and am getting a decent backpack to carry "stuff" to/from work. I'll go ahead and invest in a decent day pack which I can use when I go on longer hikes for pleasure. And then a waist pack for walks. Then hiking boots.

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