Sunday, September 07, 2008


This is the Lacy Kerchief Scarf out of the Holiday Gifts issue of Interweave Press from a couple of years ago. This is another one of those projects I started and just couldn't quite "get it" and had put it up for a long, long time.

With the move I dragged it out, frogged the entire thing (think I was almost finished) and restarted the scarf again. This time it "took" and I zipped right through it except for a brief posting on Ravelry to be sure I was reading the directions correctly. There is an eyelet created as you increase the center section which is suppose to be everything 6th row (out of 8). I put an eyelet every 4th row. Made it easier for my brain to get around.

Anyway, it's done except for a little blocking and weaving in a few ends. However, looking at the scarves I have draped around my bookcase post (anything can be turned into a scarf holder) I have 3 green scarves already. Can you tell I like green!

So I will go back to a shawl I have started (not green!) and will see about doing more needlework. It is really hard for me to get back into the needlework. Knitting is so simple, only 1 skein, couple of needles, pattern and off we go. Easy to get back into. The needlework requires more "stuff".

The fourth green scarf? It's going on a journey to Texas as a belated birthday present.

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