Sunday, February 22, 2009

Words = Sword

February’s challenge is about WORDS.  The first thing which came to mind after seeing this challenge was SWORD.words into swordHow words can protect or hurt, just like a sword.  Words can cut sharper and deeper than any metal sword ever could.  And leave scars just as permanent.

Or they can protect and shield.  Some words/sword are there just for show, while others, plainer and more common, are there to work and do the day-to-day job.

I painted the watercolor paper with a couple of layers of purple acrylic paint and used some words I had pulled out of magazines over the years.  Tore some strips of paper from a book on different papers I had been “saving” (don’t we all have stuff we are saving and never use).

Played with some white pens I bought for the wording.

When I thought about “sword” I thought of my tarot deck and the swords in there, so I pulled a picture of the Queen of Swords.  Is she defending herself and family?  She is a strong woman you don’t want to go up against.  Because even though her sword is being held in a fairly neutral position, it can quickly swing into play for defense.

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