Saturday, May 15, 2010

She’s Melting…….

and she’s not the Wicked Witch. 

While I sit here in the comfort of my air conditioned apartment, working on the next costume for Savvy (which is due in 2 weeks by the way), she is in almost 90 degree heat in 40 pounds of brocade.  Luckily, in a back tent there is a mountain of water and a lot of people who keep their eyes on the nobles for heat related issues.


I have learned how to make a French Hood, thanks to our Queen.  However, I did not get a chance to make Tudor sleeves for her costume.  Next year perhaps.

By the way, the gentleman to her right was her “husband” for the Henry Faire.  She had a ‘man on her arm’ and was a Duchess.

Texter, on the other hand, is now gainfully employed….at a whole $2.13 an hour plus tips at Ihop.  Bring on the tips!


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  1. The first job is always the hardest on them . bring on the tips indeed . Oh btw you did an excellent job on the dress puffed sleeves or not .


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