Sunday, June 06, 2010

I want to be a Flexitarian

Yes, it’s been a while since done any updating, so that alone should tell you what my life has been like the past month.

Anyway, getting back in the ‘groove’ and spending a hot, humid, lazy Sunday morning going through emails and blogs and I found this off the Whole Living magazine site…Flexitarian

At first, I thought being a flexitarian meant being more physically flexible, which I desperately need to be.  But no, it’s about eating less meat or even no meat during some meals during the week.

Since this is summer and veggies are coming out of the woodwork at the Farmer’s Market, this will be an easy thing to do.  Will keep you posted on my efforts at being more flexitarian.


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  1. I have thought so often about doing this so much you will never know and yeah this is the perfect time of year to do this . Yowza that is amazing . I will keep you posted .


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