Sunday, September 26, 2010

College Classes

My Introduction to Film class is probably one of the most time intensive classes I’ve taken online.  It is fun, a great learning experience, but I am having to work in it.  Unfortunately, a by-product of the class is that I no longer can just ‘watch’ a movie, I am now looking at some of the different elements going into the movie.  Bye-bye ignorance.  As such, I am even watching movies with subtitles more now and if you want a really good movie watch Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I normally don’t really like books turned into movies (ok, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series did a good job), but they just don’t seem to hold up.  But this one does.  Riveting.

However, there are those of us in the household which have other classes they are enjoying and who wouldn’t enjoy this….


Texter just gets to help during halftime activities as a ROTC student for the NC State Football game.  She helped unfurl a football field sized American flag.

See, education is a good thing.

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