Sunday, September 26, 2010

College Classes

My Introduction to Film class is probably one of the most time intensive classes I’ve taken online.  It is fun, a great learning experience, but I am having to work in it.  Unfortunately, a by-product of the class is that I no longer can just ‘watch’ a movie, I am now looking at some of the different elements going into the movie.  Bye-bye ignorance.  As such, I am even watching movies with subtitles more now and if you want a really good movie watch Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I normally don’t really like books turned into movies (ok, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series did a good job), but they just don’t seem to hold up.  But this one does.  Riveting.

However, there are those of us in the household which have other classes they are enjoying and who wouldn’t enjoy this….


Texter just gets to help during halftime activities as a ROTC student for the NC State Football game.  She helped unfurl a football field sized American flag.

See, education is a good thing.

Friday, September 17, 2010

And yet again life is interrupted by class…..

After I had searched and found the documentary on Alan Goldsworthy, the artist, one of the Netflix recommendations was Between the Folds.  Warning:  This is not your mother’s paper crane!
I have done a ton of ‘fortune tellers’ in my lifetime.  A couple dozen cranes (way short of the 1000 cranes), but nothing even remotely like the work shown in this documentary.  How can they get a person, complete with fingers, out of a sheet of paper? And a dragon or bird with 100’s of scales and feathers with no cutting just had my eyes crossing in amazement. What is really fun about this is how mathematicians and scientists are consumed by origami and it is not just the domain of artists.  Fun fact:  origami is used to figure out how to get things, like airbags, folded up in little spaces.  Hmmmm….art with a real life application?  There goes that crossing over stuff again.
This is one film you do not want to watch with a glass of wine.  If you did you would then get out a piece of paper and wind up eating it because you can’t do anything near what is being produced out of one sheet of paper and by folding only these people do.
But finding interesting things to view which are class related is getting out of hand.  If this keeps up when will I have time for World of Warcraft?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Words, Words, Words

While doing homework rather than that horrible unpacking, sorting stuff you have do to when you move, I came across this site (don’t ask how I got here while doing homework)….Save the Words.

save the words

I learned something new today.  We only use about 7000 words in our daily communication.  There are thousands and thousands of unused words out there.  How sad.  So I adopted a word….mowburnt.  And yes, it is exactly what it looks like, grasses being burnt during the process of mowing.  Or actually, I think I would apply to the state of yards and crops after this summer’s heat and lack of rain.

Anyway, I thought it was cute and smart and I learned a new word, one that I probably will never use while texting.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The “EYE” Has It


This is a postcard I received last year from Postcrossing.  It is from a guy in Brazil.  I really like it.  Texter and Savvy hate it.  In fact, when it is displayed on my bulletin board, Texter will turn it over.

We moved into our new place (a renovated mobile home) and Savvy’s bathroom door does not have the knob on it yet.  Her bathroom leads off her bedroom – total privacy.  So I took the postcard and taped it on the inside of the door so the eye was looking through the empty hole. 

Now I thought it was funny, Savvy had another term for it.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Back in the “Groove”


There has been a lot going on the past few months, hence no blogging.  But have pretty much gotten moved into my new place (say that because there is still some stuff in storage and still boxes to unpack).  And everyone is in college now.  Texter is in ROTC and that may be the death of me, going here, there and everywhere.  We are all slowly getting into a routine.

Everyone has their own space now.  Savvy has a stage makeup class this year.  Poor her!  Forced to do stage makeup.  Will have to download the pictures where she practiced contours on my face.  On second thought, maybe not. 

So I will catch up on reading some blogs in the morning coolness (one of the first mornings in months it’s not in the 70’s at 7am) and then get on with my schoolwork.  THEY get Labor Day off from school, but I don’t get it off from work.