Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge Week 5

Yes, I am behind on posting my sketchbook challenge pictures.  Actually I am just plain behind.  Work has been so uncooperative about letting me have time between calls to draw and color.  Homework has been heavy and I do have about 4 papers due in the next 2-3 weeks!  Oh, well, will do what I can and not feel guilty about it.
January 29 – Water – this is my attempt at a ripple of water.  Just go with me here, ok.  Water is one of my highly prized items.  I love it in all forms, puddles, streams, rivers, the ocean, rain, tap water, snow and ice.

January 30 – My highly prized item for this day is my family.   sc jan 30
However, I got as far as a background and then stopped.  I really couldn’t decide how I wanted my family to be depicted.  I really stumped myself for January 31, when I wanted to list my most highly prized thing – my daughters.  So I left a blank page.  I will come back to these later.  I did have a moment of beating myself up and a feeling of “you failed” and then I had to stuff my inner critic back in a box and continue on.  I didn’t fail at anything!  I thought about it and am still thinking and moving on.  This isn’t a life or death project here, but something to stretch my creativity and artistic abilities.  Pooh on you, IC (that’s short for inner critic).  Actually, it’s a good thing because this is letting me move forward more freely with my writing also.
The theme suggested for February was “Opposites” and I just couldn’t get in the flow or get excited over it.  Actually, when I first heard the theme I was thinking apples/oranges, up/down.  It is interesting to look at some of the other artists and see they are doing black/white and swapping out how their design is colored.  A different take on “opposites”.  But, in the meantime, I decided I would do "A Month of Mandalas”.  I have always loved mandalas, so this was a chance to explore creating my own.  Part of my evil plan when I get my new computer is to do some mandalas with Photoshop, but that’s another exercise in creativity.
Like I mentioned earlier, work and school have me a little behind.  I have done the drawings through the 12th actually, but I haven’t finished coloring them.  So therefore, I am only revealing the drawings until the 4th of February.  I will catch-up as I can.
sc feb 1 February 1 – This was my first one and I really love it.  I like the ribbons coming off the central figure.
sc feb 2 February 2 – reserving my judgment on this one.  I don’t feel it’s really complete.
sc feb 3 February 3 – Another favorite.  I have this thing about the pointy dome figure lately.  And the white space in the design appeals to me.
sc feb 4 February 4 – Not sure where this one was headed.  I added color with watercolors rather than the prismacolor pens and my black pen ran.  I like how the Bic Z4+ pen writes, but it is not waterproof.
So, the final verdict……I am continuing, and catching up and plan on continuing despite what IC says.

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