Monday, February 27, 2012

Modern Witch Book 1

First, I have to say DONT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU HAVE THINGS THAT REALLY NEED TO BE DONE!  Picking up this book is a guarantee you will stop doing all that needs to be done in order to finish this book. 

modern witch 1  This book was recommended to be by an unlikely source for this type of book.  My friend, Carol, is normally into more weightier tomes.  I am into lighter fare.  I am not an “Oprah’s Pick” reader. If I want to cry and be depressed, I’ll go look at my bank statement.   In fact, books have the same criteria that I apply to movies….entertain me!  I don’t want to have to think about what I’m reading.  I want to sit down, forget the rest of the world for a period of time and come away wanting more.  And boy, does this book do that.  (Warning - Spoilers follow).

Lauren is a Chicago real estate broker who is good at what she does.  So when her busy life leads her to an online shopping site, she is surprised to find herself in a witch’s chat room.  And to be told she is a witch.  What follows is Lauren’s entry into the witching world around her.  What I really like is how Debora Geary handles what could have been a stereotypical situation.  The handsome young male witch who comes to Lauren aid to help her adjust to her situation, does not fall in love with her.  The BFF/sidekick, Nat, is not perky, or a dizzy blonde, or the bumbling fool Lauren shepherds through life.  This makes for a really believable trio of characters.  Another plus in the plot is the use of ‘geekiness’.    For those of us which love our computers, video games and chat rooms, these things are skillfully woven into the story along with Lauren’s struggles with her new knowledge.  Warning though, if you are in any way into ice cream and chocolate, don’t read without at least 1 pint of Ben and Jerry’s in your freezer.  Otherwise, the cravings will get to you.

I downloaded this book on my friend’s recommendation with a bit of a dubious mindset.  I’m the one who reads this type of book, not her, so what does she know.  She knows a good book when she reads it.  And if a person who doesn’t normally read this sort of novel enjoyed it enough to send an email to recommend it, then you know this have to be a REALLY GREAT read for those of us who learn toward this genre.  However, I do have to say I have one big disappointment with the story.   It is not totally without flaws.  Enchanted Realms, the video game mentioned in the book, DOES NOT EXIST!  Darn it, I want to play the game.  Mainly to see if I exhibit ‘witch’ talents and can unlock secret levels.

So now I have to budget  for the next two books in this trilogy.  And the three books, featuring the main characters, in a second trilogy.  And figure out how I can drop work, homework, and housework for another intensive, can’t-put-this-book-down reading session. 

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  1. Okay girlfriend - I just got the series. How odd that our taste in books and movies are the same .. I'm beginning to think that we were separated at birth or something!

    LOVE the card you made - and I'll be planning to send you one just for fun !


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