Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Harvest

I hoisted myself off the couch, put down my knitting, and paused my Battlestar Galactica marathon to make my first ‘big’ harvest from the garden.  So far, my tomatoes are doing good.  Cucumbers, so-so.  Peppers and basil are really sucking.

P6170001  There are my ever-valiant Juliette Grape tomatoes, which come through regardless.  Then the yellow cherries are a new variety I am trying this year.  And my cucumbers.  A little small, but am looking forward to trying my ‘white’ cucumber.  It’s called Salt and Pepper.  And I’m not a really cucumber eater.  So it will be interesting.  I am hoping that they hold on long enough for Savvy’s visit in July and when Texter comes up next.

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