Monday, April 29, 2013

Falls Quilt Guild Quilt Show

Actually, this post could go both in "Montana Life" and "Arts and Fibers", but I decided it needed to be on the 'front page', so to speak.

This past weekend the Falls Quilt Guild held their biennial quilt show.  Of course, since  I am here now, I was thinking they held it in my honor.  So Texter, Lady K and I loaded up last Friday and trooped off to the show.  I took a ton of pictures of the quilts entered in the show and have more than enough ideas running through my head to keep me occupied for the next 10 years (at least).  And once again, I had a chance to check out just how nice everyone here in Montana is.  

Here is the 'haul' from the first day (yep, I went back, but that is another story).  

I picked up two table runners, which will probably be turned into quilts, both from my "favorite" quilt store, Big Sky Quilts.  One is based on log cabin squares set at angles and the other is a spiral.  I will show more in another post when I get started on them.  I also picked up two patterns for quilts, one which will be used on some geisha fabrics I picked up for Savvy.  The other is "Science Fair" and I can see it being used to highlight fabrics.  

This is the finished quilt.  I have never worked with hexes before and purchased a hex ruler also.  But I can see it being used on a collection of fabrics.  Finished size is for a generous lap quilt, which we need a ton of here in Montana.  Those of us with thin blood are suffering a little from 30's one day and snow showers, to 60's and sunny with 60 mile an hour gusts of wind.

I purchased a few books to really upgrade by quilting library.  Actually, I don't have much of a quilting library, but that is changing.  Since the only official quilting lessons I have had were back in the 1980's when it was almost a sin to machine piece the top, not to mention there was no machine quilting being done (without being arrested by the quilt police).  And you had to find heavy plastic to make templates or use cardboard.  There was no strip piecing, no acrylic rulers and all your fabric was from dress making fabrics.  Definitely things have changed and for the better.

Quilts Without Corners and Modern Patchwork I was familiar with from blogs.  I picked up One-Block Wonders because she takes fabric and turns it into a kaleidoscope piece.  With my obsession with mandalas, this was a must.  Material Obsession 2 is a large book (quilting-wise) and has tons of quilts I want to make it in.  Nothing 'traditional' quilts here.

I also picked up a book on totes and purses which Texter was eyeing.  As we have a large piece of Batman-themed fabric, one Batman tote is on the way to Texter shortly.  

But my favorite part of the show was ogling all the finished quilts. I will show more of them later.  Unfortunately, they only verified I HAVE to make a Judy Niemeyer  quilt.  I will have to save my pennies to take a class with her in 2014.  This is a must as she lives in Montana too!  I think it was meant to be.  A quick 4 hour drive to her retreat site.

The top right quilt is not a Niemeyer quilt, but similar in style.  She uses paper-piecing which I have only done for a tiny, tiny bit for a crazy quilt block.  I need to make several Niemeyer quilts actually.  Problem right now is which one to start on.

Back to the Quilts Without Corners, there was one quilt in the show done based on this book.  And the vendor I purchased the book from had done one of the quilts (actually the butterfly one) and set it into a square quilt, which I really, really liked.  

The technique, from what I am reading, might be a little labor intensive on the cutting end, but relatively simple to do.

To prove I am not completely out of my gourd with respect to what I want to stitch, I also liked these to use up scraps.

Just blocks surrounded by a solid and then just plain squares, but produces a really dramatic quilt.  The one on the left was made with Civil War reproduction fabrics.

Then, back in North Carolina and awaiting to be moved to Montana, is a whole stash of Asian fabrics with geishas on them.  I had picked them up to do 'something' for Savvy.  I got some ideas from the show on how to use them and an actual pattern I am going to use for one of them.  I have enough fabric to make 2-3 quilts (well, I will have to get fill in fabric, but have the focus fabric). 

I think the kimono quilt is my favorite and might have to design something similar (and get more fabric!), but the top right one is my second favorite.  

So this is my trip to the quilt show.  Actually, Lady K has a play mat with an arc with toys hanging off it for mental stimulation.  Unfortunately, it also has music and plays a really bad rendering of "I Went to the Animal Fair", so that song has been in my mind this weekend, instead I keep singing "I Went to the Falls Quilt Show".

Now, I have to finish up Savvy's cosplay outfit (about 1/2 done) and then I can play!  I will show off the fabric I purchased at the fair in another posting.  Mainly purples I am getting for a 'purple' quilt.  More later, sewing now!

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