Thursday, August 08, 2013

Migrating Visitor

Today was a day of ups and downs and, as human nature goes, we tend to focus more on the downs than the ups.  So as Texter, Lady K and I sat down late this afternoon in attempted to 'zen out', I looked out the patio doors to see this little fellow.

Yep, perched right there on the feeder at the end of the patio, getting his fuel for his southward migration, was a Western Tanager.  My first sighting of one.

Their migration from the North is suppose to start in late July, so I figure he is right on schedule.  And by some means he realized we had suet in the feeder for him.  He took his time eating and then flew off, probably heading toward Savvy's part of the world.

Delight often comes in tiny packages.

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  1. Janet Slloway4:41 AM

    I am loving your posts about your new life. It's fascinating. Life in Raleigh is good. Our summer weather has been fantastic. No 100 degree days yet.
    Janet Silloway


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