Sunday, April 03, 2005

Faire is finally over!

Well, today the sun was out, along with the 90 mile an hour wind which still made it chilly. I have decided I know exactly the way to have beautiful, warm weather for next year......make myself a cloak! I will be prepared for a chilly time and it will be hot! Works every time!

But the great thing is the people I met. It is amazing the number of people that will come and stand and watch you knit and spin and ask a few questions. And can you imagine a more pleasant way to spend your time. Hopefully, over the next year I will have the "hose" finished and then I want to do a shirt with blackwork on it. We decided we needed cushions for the benches and we could embroider them in an Elizabethan style----no stumpwork on the cushions though.

Nestled down amongst the knitting, mug and roving is my new drop spindle. I learned to spin this weekend! Big, chunky strands, but I was spinning! The darker, brownish-gray is NZ Jacob and feels nice. The light gray underneath is alpaca which I was told to put up until I have experience as it is very silky and slippery.....but I can see it spun fine and done into a lacy shawl.

One of the greatest bonuses of the whole weekend (besides the free admission) was meeting this young lady....I can call her that because I have 10 years on her. She spun from 10-630 all four days of the fair, answering questions cheerfully except for the break she took to show me how to spin with my new drop spindle.

This is the spinning goddess! She spins and spins and doesn't knit much! She showed me how to use my drop spindle. And she makes dragons! The cutest little dragons. Her friend watched over her booth while she spun. My problem was she had a whole basket of finished skeins, roving, and all kinds of goodies and I tried to figure out if I could make it very far before she discovered them missing. Isn't it terrible when you have yarn envy? Or ability envy? She could spin away, not missing a beat and talk to people, to me.....kind of like me with the knitting. One day I too shall spin like that........


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