Saturday, April 02, 2005

What the "Hail"? or Ren Faire Part II With Pictures!

Ok, for the second weekend we started out. Once again I have drafted/inherited another child. Once again, it was overcast, but the clouds were starting to break up. Tricky, deceiving clouds!

The gruesome threesome. The one in the middle is not actually mine. One peasant, two gypsies.
Goth Daugther's costume was planned. And actually finished and looks great. Except for the blue bag. Please note blue bag. What you don't see is the bandaid around my index finger on my left hand where I "sewed" through it this morning making said bag at last minute. It hurt then and it hurts now.

Goth Daughter as Peasant Daughter

Trumpet Princess was a last minute gypsy. Today, the bottom 1/2 of her skirt was wet and muddy. Her chemise covered in mud and food and she managed to step on the bottom of the hem and rip it up past her knee. Next year, she's a fairy!

Trumpet Princess as gypsy. Next year I am putting her down for social fairy!

Now here is the scary part. I debated about showing/not showing the following, but decided we were all mature adults (for the most part). But part of the facts of life is that a Ren Faire there are certain parts of the human body which are exposed........

This is one of the reasons I am now in Weight Watchers. Other people have tops overflowing, mine slipped a bit!

But as we arrived at the Faire the clouds were breaking up, the sun coming out. Going to be great day. Then the lighting came with the thunder and the wind changed direction and it went from about 60 degrees to about 45 degrees in about 5 minutes!

We finish our duties today and came home through the rain. Got home and lost Goth Daughter on the way inside.....

What is Goth Daughter picking up?



  1. Anonymous3:29 AM

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