Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ok, I'm Nuts!

This is the regular size, brown paper grocery bag (or sack, depending where you're from). It is full of pecans. Bulging full of pecans. So full I just know at some point in time one of the cats will dump it over. I have a second bag about a quarter full and there are still a ton on the ground under the two trees in the yard. My pecan-mania has gotten so bad, that as we walk out to the car (which is under the two trees) I stop and pick up nuts and put them in my pocket. Goth Daughter has gotten so that she has to tell me to "step away from the nuts, Mom".

One problem with the nuts however, besides my compulsive behavior to pick up every one, is that as the sun rises, the crows invade. Did I mention we have a tin roof and that the pecan trees are right over my bedroom? Did I mention that crows like to try and eat the pecans and crack them. Unfortunately, sitting in trees, crows have problems holding on to nuts. So, as I lay in bed some morning, nursing strep throat, headache, what-have-you, I get.....

"CAW,, bong, ting...CAW.....bam, bam, ting...CAW, CAW...."

on the tin roof. If I wasn't only about 6 blocks from the police station I might be tempted to try my hand at some target practice. And the cats.....they only make the crows caw more.

By the way, those nuts don't count the ones that I gave away, or the 3 bulging quart bags of pecans in the freezer (down to 1 1/2 due to holiday baking).

But am on vacation. And what do you do besides put your feet up? You clean out the storage room and "get organized"! It's a new year, let's do some purging and straightening! So this is my living room. I have the save pile (shades of Clean Sweep--TV viewing does pay off after awhile), a Goodwill pile, a trash pile and an eBay pile. There is the pile that is for the senior center and piles for a couple of friends. I bring down a bin at a time, sort and return it. And in the process, organizing all my yarn and sewing supplies. I have started a data base of the yarn that I have in my stash, including gauge. Looking through some books yesterday I realized right off I have the yarn already to try a couple of patterns.

And no, while I am not the world's greatest housekeeper (I'm not in the top 100 either), it normally doesn't look this bad. After all where would Goth Daughter and Trumpet Princess lounge?

One of the best things...I rounded up 11 skeins of Caron Simply Soft that I had purchased at AC Moore for "something" or "somethings" and were there. Back into an AC Moore sack they went and back to the store. Since there was no receipt, I HAD to take store credit (poor ol' me) and used it to buy the yarn for a couple of purses out of Lion Brand Wool East Thick and Quick. And a couple of skeins of Fiore. Pictures of at least part of the purse later.

Back to the storage room!!!!!


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