Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Sometimes abundance is a burden and not a blessing. I started thinking about abundance when I read Patricia Mosca's posting to celebrate abundance.

I just finished clearing out a closet full of stuff in preparation for the move next week. I have a huge mound of odds and ends of sheets, fabric, sports equipment, quilting frame (bought at yard sale and never used) and tons of other stuff. Other than a couple of suitcases and Christmas items, things in this closet have not been touched since I moved almost 5 years ago.

So I am sending out my "abundance" in the form of Helping Hands Mission who will come next week and take away a porch load of "stuff" which can be given to people who need it or sold to benefit others.

My ship of Abundance is being sent forth to help others. I will be receiving in return less clutter and physical "stuff" to carry around. My lightening up my physical load, my mental load gets lighter also. But Patricia's drawing of abundance is prettier than this pile I have to get into trash bags onto the porch!

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