Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Walking with a Purpose

I have been slack this month about walking. Between getting ready to move and the heat and humidity, both being in the 90's, my mileage has dropped dramatically. But once moved, that is going to change. I am right next door to a 2.5 mile paved walk around a small lake. No excuses then!

Two weeks ago, while on vacation and taking care of numerous little odd jobs, I managed to read up on some of the blogs I follow. &rew of Urban Paper Arts (who is fantastic by the way) is one of them. Reading one of his posts on taking a walk and photographing flowers inspired me to take a walk myself. Of course, I get this wild hair at 11am when it is already 90 degrees and 80% humidity, with the dog and my camera.

First off, it was nice to walk without poohing and peeing being the primary focus. Although it was midday and the light was actually too bright, I did take some interesting plant pictures (at least to me they are interesting). I looked at the pictures and realized I had focused on the "private parts" of the flowers.

However, after about 30 minutes, both the dog and I were dripping in sweat and headed back to the house. My next walk with a purpose will be for windows and doors I think. I have seen several postings of people on vacation and the windows and doors they saw on their trip.

One thing I did take a picture of is a fashion "don't" ..... plastic daffodils in front of this wonderful faux Victorian house. They have them all down the fence in front and red plastic geraniums in baskets by the front door. One day, at 430am, they just might disappear. I do know pooh when I see it!

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  1. very nice photos! I too enjoy Andrew's blog.



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