Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Dirty Little Secret…..

Yes, I am a WOWhead.  I like love World of Warcraft.  It is my release.  I can come home and kill things and get gold and achievements and fly…and I Love WOW!

So, even though I am a devoted sweet tea drinker (I’m Southern for Pete's sake!) when Mt. Dew came out with these……


I caved. 

Normally, if the girls have soda in the house, it’s basically generic.   So Texter really bounced up and down and even carried it home from the store for me.

For those of you not in the “know”, the Orc on the left, the red can, is Horde on WOW.  And the drink is Dew with a citrus cherry taste.

The one on the right, in blue, is a Night Elf (me!) for the Alliance side.  It’s a wild berry taste.

OD looked at them longingly.  She plays WOW.  She would like a drink.  They both have Red Dye 40 in them!  (She did cave and take a little sip.)

Personally, I took a sip of each and went back to my tea.  I dropped a sprig of lemon balm in it.  Plenty of sugar please.  But I did hold onto 2 empty cans.  Figure I can cut the figures out and do something with them.


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