Monday, June 29, 2009

I Want to be a Starbucks Coffee

Yeah, I’m one of those ‘Starbucks’ people.  I have to get my mocha frap with whipped cream or my caramel macchiato (if it’s cold out).  They are my ‘treat’ to myself.  Usually Texter and I can share a frap, so 2 treats for the price of one.   And they are in my local grocery store I walk to.  Double trouble.  I can usually resist because I have my “list” and exact change to pay for it, but sometimes you just need a pick-me-up.



Was in there the other day and was waiting for my frap for the walk back home (in the 90 degree heat and humidity) and looked at a display of their coffee beans.  Then and there I decided I wanted to be Starbucks coffee!

Which do I want to be?

Familiar and Friendly (Latin American coffees)  Sounds….nice.  The girl next door.  Comfort.  How can you go wrong with this?

Extraordinary and Enticing (Africa/Arabia coffees) What woman would NOT want to be considered extraordinary?  Or enticing?  This is the stuff of movie stars, the secret part of a lot of us. (Ask me about my theory on Playboy bunnies some time.)

This one appeals to me, as, at least the first part, I have never considered myself….Adventurous and Assertive (Asia/Pacific coffees).  Two piece business suits, stiletto heels, and white water rafting on the side. Some people I know would not have a problem with saying I’m assertive, but the adventurous….probably not.

My favorite, and I don’t consider myself either to much of a degree, is Interesting and Complex (multi-region coffees).  This is the weird cat lady and all-the-men-love-her rolled into one.  She’s not the most beautiful, but she’s the one everyone wants to know…or say they know.  Can’t put her into a pigeon hole.

Sturdy and Powerful (dark roast blends) is for all the matriarchs out there.  I’m not matriarchal material.  Too much responsibility and I do good just to try and take care of myself. This is Gaia.  The Mother Goddess.

How can you not want to be known by any of these?  Today I will be…..

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