Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Excel

First, English was making my head explode with sentence types and diagramming

Then the calculator for Algebra just has too many buttons.

And to top it all off….EXCEL!

I had Excel in one class about 8 years ago and it was a simple intro to Excel, nothing with all the formulas.

So I have been trying to Excel.


Therefore, I have checked out every Excel for Dummies.  Once I got the idea of it in my brain, it’s coming along.  But I haven’t turned the books in yet.


  1. Oh yes know the feeling and I would be so like , and what am I going to use this for other than office work ? LOL !!! know the feeling .

  2. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I'm glad that there are some young whipper snappers to assist me with Excel!



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