Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why I Have to Take Online College Courses

If I had any doubt about my reasons to go back to school and to do it online, I received concrete confirmation this was the right decision this week.  See, I had to go on campus to take 1 of 4 tests for my algebra test.  And it wasn’t pretty….the visit, not the test.

First off I went back to school because I enjoy “going to school”.   Second, I could qualify for a grant to pay for it.  Third, more and more schools are offering online classes.  Since I work full time, this means I can get up at 5am on Saturday and Sunday and work on my classes rather than going after work to school.  Besides, if I went to school after work, about 8pm my head would hit the desk and I would be sound asleep.

But about my on-campus visit and reasons why I have to only do my lessons online.

One:  They are noisy and loud.  What ever happened to the idea of hushed tones on campus?

Second:  Don’t they realize their mother is not there to pick up after them?  Obviously carrying books and a cell phone does not allow them to pick up the table of the remains of their lunch.

And number three!  The reason I would probably would be arrested and not have to worry about school at all.  IF I WANT TO KNOW WHETHER YOU WEAR BOXERS OR BRIEFS I’LL ASK!!!!! 

When will this ‘fad’ be over?!?!?  I saw more undies than when I do wash.  I had this almost overwhelming urge to pull their pants up to under their armpits.  Make a whole herd of geekie Erkels.

But I decided I would fight fire with fire.  Next time I go on campus I’m wearing my biggest, baggiest granny panties and drop my pants around my knees and see what happens!



  1. Oh I so agree Judy . I am not their mother and I dont want to see their undies either !!! We now have a high school principal here in our county that told everyone on the news "do not come to my school without a belt " I am not your mom or dad and I dont want to know what kind of underthings you have . I say kuddos to him . and yes the halls of higher education should be most definately respected and kept quiet . You hit the nail on the head and I could not have said it better .

  2. I have the same urges to do that as well. Hope all is going well and I am so proud of you for tackling this huge commitment! Well done friend! Shall we suspend our journal swaps for a time to give you more time for school work? We could always start up again when you have time. It's your call and I am fine one way or the other. I think you have both journals right now .. well, I hope you do otherwise I am foggier than I think!


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