Sunday, October 25, 2009

Texter is Cooking!

Slowly, but surely, Texter is doing a little more cooking.  She does fix an awesome breakfast.  Hash browns are her favorite to fix.   Right down to peeling and shredding the potatoes herself.

So when I gave her a new cookbook of easy dishes to go through and mark what she might be interested in eating (I am soooo tired of the same old dishes and am looking for new ones.), she came across  Black Forest Napoleons out of Sandra Lee’s Weeknight Wonders.  (I know the library hates me right now because I have asked for all their latest cookbooks.)

sandra lee

Anyway, here are the results….


Aren’t they beautiful!  And the proud cook….


Only problems…….(1) they are GOOD! and (2) they are so high you can’t bite it easily.  But I will suffer so as to not hurt her feelings…lol.

She has developed an interest in cooking later than her sister.  Of course, Savvy did have Home Ec in middle school which prompted her along.

Oh, Savvy, too bad we can’t save one for you.  But they do have those nasty RED cherries on top!  And we have a whole, BIG jar of them to go through in the refrigerator!  (Texter and I can stand in the door of the refrigerator and eat them straight from the bottle.  It’s a thing I’ve done my whole life, so I have to just not buy them.)

Last weekend, Texter fixed No-Knead Chocolate and Coconut Rolls – minus the coconut.  We didn’t take pictures, but here is the picture from Better Homes and Garden…


She will admit hers were not quite as perfect as these with regards to roundness and “rollness”, but they were good.  She really doesn’t like cinnamon, so when I found this recipe I thought it was a good replacement for when we wanted cinnamon rolls.

Creamy Shrimp Fettuccine is going to be her next attempt later in the week.

I have found if I cut the recipes in half, then there is enough for the two of us and then a little left over for my lunch the next day.  This way I don’t have to eat on it for days and days.



  1. If your daughter needs recipes i have plenty to share just let me know what she is looking for cause I have a little bit of everything and could email them very easily they are on my computer that way i dont loose them yeah !!! anyways if you are interested just let me know okay . have a great sunday .

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