Sunday, November 15, 2009

It’s Sunday…..

After about a week of gray, drizzly days, today is a bright and beautiful fall day.

Savvy is spending the weekend here (along with Noel) and I woke her up off the couch and let her have my bed while I surfed on her laptop and drank coffee and watch the dogs play and play and play.

Once the sun came up, I FINALLY decided the tomatoes have had their last day and clean out the containers on the balcony.  Took the remains down to the woods and dumped.  Picked up a few handfuls of wet leaves on my way back up.  I am going to try and do a “compost” heap in a bucket on my balcony.  Actually, I would like to get a vermiculture “kit” and use worms.  Of course, daughters would “harvest” my worms for fishing I am sure.  But I am going to try it in a 5 gallon bucket and just use it for a few of my scraps and coffee grounds and see what happens.

Divided a houseplant and repotted the 2 halves.  Moved my little thing of mint and chives to a couple of pots outside.  Of course, the dog thinks the chives are something to pull up and bring inside to eat.  Stuck some garlic in the pots and overplanted with lettuce.  I think with the balcony being sheltered I should be able to have lettuce during a great deal of the winter.  We shall see.

Savvy finally got up and fixed her pancakes.  Texter wandered through earlier and ate pizza for breakfast.  Then about 11 am Savvy and I decided to take the dogs for a walk around the lake.  Unfortunately, so did everyone else in town.  And since Noel and Sarge are so not ‘walkable’ on a good day, it was an abortive attempt.

So…..changed sheets on the bed and vacuumed the floor where my shredder burped.  Guess it’s nap time now.

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  1. wow talk about a busy sunday morning . sounds like it was awesome . Oh well have a wonderfull sunday .


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