Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Behind Us….Christmas Ahead!


He came, he is lingering, but he was good.  I actually haven’t chowed down on the legs yet….my favorite part.  I seem to have been going here (work), there (pick up Savvy) and everywhere.  The everywhere meaning “I” actually stayed up past 9pm and bowled.  We (Texter, friend, Savvy and I) went to Starlight bowling from 11pm-1am last night.  I did win the first of 3 games and everyone had fun I do believe.  Despite the teenagers next to us who did not know a think about bowling etiquette.

There were six for Thanksgiving “lupper” (time between lunch and supper).  I fixed homemade yeast rolls, dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, rice/cheese/broccoli casserole,gravy, and asparagus casserole.  There is a story behind the asparagus…but I’m still miffed, so won’t go into it until I finish pouting.

So today, Savvy and I have discussed Ren Faire costumes for the coming year.  It is expanded to 3 weeks, later in April, so maybe the weather will be better.  Also, with Queen Elizabeth moving to North Carolina, they are instituting “Henry VIII” in a nearby town for 2 weekends in May.  So it will be a lot of fun coming up.

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