Sunday, March 14, 2010

What I Have Been Doing Besides Working and Studying

As if working full time (or at least showing up in the office and sitting there) and studying (halfway through the semester), this is what I have been doing…..

Ren Garb 2010

So far, I have made a pirate shirt for Texter (as seen here using my laptop)

texter at computer

She seems to think if her head is hidden I won’t see her at my desk using my computer.

parade 2010

Texter is on the far left, second one in.  The first person in is another pirate (the cook) and I made his shirt for him.  I think he was pleased.  May be sewing his vest for him also.

But have made the 2 pirate shirts, one pair of pirate pants.  The pirate pants were actually a pair of pants which was for a belly dancing costume.  But Texter wanted “poofy”.  They were very quick and easy to make and now she wants additional pairs to wear around the house.  So does Savvy.  They are at the bottom of my to-do list at the present time.

I have made an quick and dirty corset (42 grommets later) for Savvy.


Made a new forepart and attached to the old underskirt.  A new underskirt is on the list of things to do.  New overskirt is ready for hemming and ‘blinging’ up.

But I love this fabric for the bodice. 

bodice fabric

It is ‘embroidered’ and a silk-like fabric.  I also have the same thing in a ‘leather’-like fabric which will be a sweet bag for her to put on her girdle.  And maybe a purse for me.

Also did a new chemise for Savvy.  She wanted one open down the front so she could flash some flesh.  She’s a single, queen’s lady in waiting, so she can.  Trying to confine my mess to my room so there is a least part of the apartment not a total housekeeping disaster.  So my ironing board also becomes a flat area for laying ‘stuff’.


And my drop leaf table becomes my sewing table.  I pull it over by the bed and sit on the bed to sew.  That way I have all the bed to put piles to work on.  Is actually very convenient, except I have to pick up when I finish every day.  And my bin with the fabrics using to make stuff with.


There is also a bag hanging on the back of my bedroom door with the stuff to make a French Hood head covering for when we do the Henry VIII in May.  There is going to be a ruff workshop in a couple of weeks I’m looking forward to.  Then Savvy will have a French hood or two to wear.

What’s after all of this?  Well, Savvy and a friend are making their cosplay costumes of which I will help with.  And then there is this lined jacket pattern I found for the girls which I want to make and have a lot of ideas to take it a step further.  So I have plenty of sewing left to do.


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  1. wow Im impressed I would love to be able to sew the way you do unfortunately I never had anyone to teach me . probably too old to learn now .


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