Monday, March 15, 2010

….and then there are the good days

Legally you are not allowed to terminate your teenager, regardless of how much at times you want to.  Therefore, when you have those days when everything is just right, you really, really enjoy it.  And today was one of those days. 

Savvy had an ‘engagement’ to go to the beach, so Texter and I decided we hadn’t been to the beach in ages either and packed our picnic lunch and water and decided a day at the beach was just the thing for us too.  The weather was suppose to be sunny until mid-afternoon and temperatures in the high 50’s, lows 60’s.  So tank tops in tow, off we set.

First off, we made it off with either one of us getting an attitude before we leave the parking lot.  Then we make it all the way to the beach with idle chit-chat.  Yes, we actually talked to each other!

We hit the beach….


Can you tell she’s happy to be here?

An aside……we came to the beach one time when she was probably about 3-4 years old.  Walking down the beach a friendly seagull decided she needed a souvenir of her trip to the beach and “dropped” off something on the shoulder of her t-shirt.  Which meant we had to make a detour to the t-shirt store with a crying child to get a new t-shirt.  She has not like seagulls since then.  Therefore….


She delights in making their life miserable.  But can you beat all the energy and joy in that picture?  I think we all need to chase a few seagulls down the beach.


We walked the beach looking for the perfect shells.  And delighted in the imperfect ones we found.


We found “George” the crab (who was on his last legs anyway).


And a couple of other kinds of crabs, along with a handful of crab ‘parts’, mainly little claws.  We are assembling a ‘Make Your Own Crab Kit’.


We watched the machinery used to bring in sand from off shore to build up the year.  This machine rode out in the water and pulled in pipe to the shore.


It left these tracks….


And other machinery left these……


And they were not bothered by any of it…..


More pictures of more shells still to come.  Applying aloe to the sunburn.  Texter came home and died fell asleep.  Savvy didn’t make it to the beach.  So we are planning a zoo trip in a couple of Saturdays before Ren Faire starts.  For all of us.

Yep… was a beautiful day at the beach.


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  1. looks like you guys had a great day and time at the beach . that is awesome .


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