Sunday, November 21, 2010

Orange Balsamic Chicken……For One


I found this really great sounding recipe for Orange Balsamic Chicken and thought….”why not have a great Sunday dinner for my daughters?”  (This was two Sundays ago.)

So I toiled over a hot stove……


Working my fingers to the bone over these thighs……

Problem with the great Sunday dinner…..well, Texter decided early she was hungry and had a can of Spaghetti O’s and Savvy took her dad out to eat at KFC.  So there I was with my thighs on rice with a salad.  Noel would have gladly shared with me, but I wouldn’t share with someone who had four legs.  It was great as leftovers though the next week at work for lunch.

I did get a “this is great…keep this recipe” on a Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich made with puff pastry.  The cheese was gruyere and you make a white sauce to go on it.  It was goooooood.

Tonight was bacon wrapped chicken, rice pilaf and a tossed salad.  Guess the salad is to make up for wrapping chicken with bacon.  But I have been trying out new recipes lately.  Problem is I don’t remember to take pictures until afterwards and then it’s too late.

Oh, and North Carolina apples are in.  Found some really, really great apple cider from Sugar Loaf Mountain Orchards.  And tried some new apples, at least new to me, Cameo.  So I’m into apples now.  Decent citrus is starting to make it’s way to North Carolina also.  Can’t wait until there is some really good ruby red grapefruit.  Warm oatmeal and grapefruit for breakfast!

Off to cut up an apple for dessert.  After all, I had this last week…..


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