Sunday, November 07, 2010

Procrastinating on Procrastination

I will confess, honestly, I can be the greatest procrastinator in the world.  Now that doesn’t mean I’m late for stuff.  In fact, I am anal about being early for work, school, appointments, things such as that.  But things I should be doing, like schoolwork, writing, housework….well let’s say I can find 1000 reasons not to get started on them.

Soooooooo…….I have discovered a new best friend.  The timer on my cell phone.  Yep, off all the myriad of tools on my phone, I have fallen in love with my timer.  I can set that little bugger, and for the next 30 minutes, an hour, I have to work on a particular task.  Then I can play for an equal amount of time.  Seems to be working pretty well so far.  While still a little behind (I wish I had a little behind!), I am 6000 words into NaNoWriMo.  That’s about 5000 more words than I’ve done before.  And it’s easy to set the timer for an hour and go for it.

Like for right now, I have given myself 2 hours to do “bloggy things”.  Like writing a post, catching up on other posts, drinking coffee during my bloggy time.  Finding an app I can put on my sidebar to be a timer.  Then, when finished, I will spend 2 hours on homework.  I know I have English assignment to do and some history and will see what’s ahead for the week in the land of college.

Here’s to my new best friend – Timer.

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  1. wow good to see you back and yeah with all the dst issues im having right now . LOL !!!


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