Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Don’t Want to Work on My Paper!

I am majorly procrastinating today.  I have a paper due (5-7 pages) in my science fiction lit class and I have no desire to work on it at all.  I have washed 2 loads of clothes, a load of dishes in the dishwasher.  I have swept and mopped in the kitchen and around the patio door.  And my ankle is swelling again (but that’s for Friday and the doctor).

So, on one of my ‘let’s see how much more time I can waste’ moments I took some more pictures in the garden.  The temperatures have been really up and down all week.  Today is cool and cloudy.  All day yesterday it was cool, cloudy and drizzly.  Supposedly next week is going to be in the 80’s and if so, the garden will really take off.

DSCN2016 Juliette tomato is blooming away.  Her Black Prince on the other side of the stairs is doing well also.  Both look really good.  Hopefully, it will be warm enough for the blooms to set.

DSCN2018 You can barely see them, but my mammoth sunflowers are coming up.  My goal/plan is to have them around this bamboo pole.  Then I am stringing my cucumbers up twine to the pole.  Hopefully, I will have a pseudo garden teepee.

DSCN2019 Ok, a little blurry (the camera still isn’t completely over being involved with zombies), but here is the first radish!  I have already gotten a couple of salads worth of lettuce, so this is exciting.

DSCN2021 And the pineapple sage is blooming.  I love taking pictures when it is cloudy out and it’s just rained.  The colors seem so much more intense.  I enjoy being able to out and touch the leaves and smell the herbs.  Really brightens up my day.

DSCN2024 But the beans are looking like beans.  The watermelon radishes are up and putting on their second set of leaves.  My pepper is awaiting it’s little pepper friends.  They will be joining him next week.

DSCN2030 Tansy is all ferny looking. and getting over being transplanted.

DSCN2029 Zinnias are filling the planter (need to transplant some next week).

DSCN2033 Yes, the garden is coming along well.  Now if my paper would be as well.  (By the way, I did get my screenplay done…all 22 pages of it.)



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  1. Im so jealous of your garden . I loved having one when I had a yard . I miss my yard.


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