Sunday, April 17, 2011

Filming is Done–A Week In Review….Sort of

First of all, let me apologize for the quality of the pictures.  And to Savvy’s poor, poor camera.  The poor thing has been severely abused over the past 3 weeks.  Not by being treated roughly, but by being repeatedly covered in ‘blood’.  Sticky, red food dye blood does nothing for the lens on a camera.  Hopefully, I can get everything cleaned up a bit more.


But filming is done.  On one hand I am giving a great, big hurrah!  It is very tiring.  Not because there is a lot of physical activity, but rather for the lack of it.  There is a lot of waiting and standing around during filming.  I now have a much greater appreciation for how films are made – even with this little no-budget, school project one.  It was also very interesting to see how disjointed scenes are filmed and then woven together for the final thing.  And to watch the director and camera man plan and plot how they wanted a scene to be shot and from the different angles.  Although, if you are laying on cold, damp ground in the dead of night as a dead body, shooting the scene over and over and from different angles does start to wear on you.  But I can play dead well.  My talent, it seems, is laying around.

DSCN1989  There was ‘drama’.  We had a stabbing.  Jack, our director, is blocking out how he wants the scene to play out and the angles as (1) that was a REAL knife and (2) we had a bag of blood taped to the zombie under his shirt.

Most of the day was spent filming in the woods and hoping the bad weather which hit all around us would leave us unscathed.  Well, actually the actors were hoping we would be unscathed.  The “Director” was hoping to be able to get some tornado footage!  Luckily, the actors won out.

DSCN1997  As the day came to an end and we were waiting for night fall to start filming around (this was part of the waiting around), the moon came up over a beautiful line of clouds.

DSCN2008 There was a full moon and with the wind in the trees, we were almost wishing we had a few werewolves to throw into the mix.

Texter even got drafted as a zombie.  DSCN1993

Savvy doesn’t want to see or wear ‘blood’ for awhile.  I have a huge pile of bloody clothes to wash today.  While our end is done, there is still a ton of editing to do.  I have to go plan my ‘premier’ outfit.

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