Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer Camp

In perusing various blogs this weekend, there is a similar theme on several of them…..SUMMER CAMP.  Some of them are planning on joining in with friends and family and exploring their creativity and relaxing in the sun.  While others, and it seems the majority, are using this summer as a time to recharge and reflect.  With the passing of my grandmother and my oldest leaving home in a few days, that seems to be what kind of summer camper I want to be.  I had plans on charging ahead with working on a couple of large writing projects.  However, I think I will take a different tack.


I plan on doing the following for the summer….

1.  I want to work as many hours as possible.  Sounds a little strange, but actually after 32 years work, for the most part, is pretty mindless.  Yes, each call is different, but the mechanics are the same. 

The reason for this?  Well, one, not sure how much Savvy’s schooling is going to run in Arizona and how much her financial aid will pick up.  I want to have the money set aside.  Secondly, I want to replace her camera the zombie blood destroyed.  I want her to take pictures of Arizona and they plan on going to the Grand Canyon, so she needs a camera.  And since I used her camera all the time, I need to get a camera of my own.  However, I want a CAMERA!  One with interchangeable lens.  And if the Texter takes the classes she is interested in, she will probably need an upgrade of camera also.

2.  I am going to come home and walk around in my little garden and ‘zen’ out.  I will talk and touch the plants.  Eat fresh tomatoes off the vine.  Have purple green beans for dinner.  Sniff the basil and mint.

3.  Also, as part of the money I’m setting aside, I want to have funds set aside for the trip to Tennessee this fall my mother wants to do to take my grandparents’ ashes back and scatter them.  We talked briefly and we are thinking of going back to the cemetery that was at the end of their property.  I use to play up there.  It will be a trip down memory lane for Mom and I and I assume my sister will be coming also.  Texter wants to go, so this will be a chance for her to see where I grew up.

4.  I have a couple of family history projects I want to work on.  One is going through the dozen picture albums I have which have not been looked at in years.  Any pictures I want to save (assuming I can pry them off that sticky background) I will scan into the computer.  I have tons of pictures of which were junk at the time I took them, so there will be some decluttering going on at the same time.  Another is organizing my family history ‘stuff’ and getting it into the computer.

5.  I plan on working through my Adobe Photoshop CS5 book a lesson at a time.  A class I will be taking the in fall with be using the same book, but I would like to get a little heads up.


6.  There are several art workshops I would like to attend this summer in the evenings offered by one of the local towns.  They are free and offer an insight into various mediums.  They should be a lot of fun.

7.  Get into a home practice for yoga and tai chi. 

While all of this sounds like a very busy summer, it actually seems very calming to me.  A chance to go onto autopilot for a while and just go day-by-day.







  1. wow sounds like an awesome plan and I hope your daughter likes arizona and she will love the grand canyon ,Ive only flown over it and loved it while looking at it flying over it above the clouds . I hope you do get to go back to your homefront of tenn and take the ashes back with you . Good luck with the summer plans .

  2. Wow, you have really been thinking about all this!!

    I understand how this could work for you - maybe not for everyone but this could work for you especially as it is just "summer" camp

    Don't burn out on your hours though


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