Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You Don’t Know Beans!

I decided to try something fun and new this year since I have a little space for a garden this year.
purple pod beans  I am trying out some purple podded green beans.  What could be more fun that purple green beans?  Of course, unfortunately, they do turn green when cooked, but really!  Purple Beans!
Then I am going classy with some French Filet Green Beans.  french filet beans  Believe me I would probably need to plant an acre in order to get any real class, but I thought these would be good for steaming.  For good or bad, I am trying to cook a little differently.  And boiling them to death in water with some bacon drippings I am given to understand is not the way to go.  So I have my bamboo steamer I haven’t really tried yet and will use it on these babies.
I grew up with Kentucky Wonder Bush beans.  Nothing at all wrong with them. They are a real work horse and consistent producer, that’s why they’ve been around for years and years.  I have picked, snapped, cooked, canned and eaten literally bushels of these babies.  In fact, my parents still grown them, much to my mother’s dismay. I just had an email where she was lamenting the amount my dad still insists on planting each year.  But I am familiar with the growth habit of bush beans. 
These beauties are growing a little differently, somewhere between pole and bush.  Hence, my bamboo and string trick I had to do after they got about 18 inches tall.
IMG_0119  And once they got to blooming and setting beans, the leaves on the French Filet started turning yellow at the bottom.  I don’t think the hot humid weather of the past couple of weeks has really been it’s favorite choice.
French Filet Beans Despite everything, there are tons of little, baby beans on the plants.
Pretty in purple The real pod doesn’t look this brown, it is more purple.  But won’t a mess of these look so cute.  Not long now before they are ready to pick.  I have started another little area, about 3 feet by 7 feet with 4 rows of beans.  They are just coming up now, so once these are done, I should have another set of beans ready for the picking.  So right now I am waiting and watching for my first mess of beans.
My goal is in the fall, to set up actual raised beds over the entire front yard and try to start growing year round.

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  1. I love the raised beds gardening method . I had a friend who had this thing that sat up off her yard and she would grow veggies like crazy in that thing and it was so easy she told me . Yeah right . I could only imagine what mine would look like .


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