Sunday, January 08, 2012

New Technique and Homework Redone

I was going through YouTube for something else and came across a technique I wanted to explore a little further.  I must say I can get lost in watching YouTube.  I started out looking for one thing, and if I am not careful, I am on something else entirely.  Or have about 3 hours worth of videos to watch.

ink trees  The purple and green is ink.  The black leaves is Sharpie.  I am going to utilize this technique on my postcards in the swap coming up.  I already have the background laid and the cards cut out of a larger piece of foam core into 5 X 7 postcards.  Light, but sturdy.

Now I have to go back and redo a homework assignment on “doodles”.  If I read the instructions better, it was to be a set of thumbnails of 25 different doodles, not one big piece.  Oh well, I want to watch “Labyrinth” again today after Savvy showed me a David Bowie look alike.

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