Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photoshop–Glass Orb

In one of my classes we had to suggest a Photoshop Tutorial site for our classmates.  I selected this site, because of the number of tutorials listed.  I then decided I wanted to give one a try since I was suggesting it, and went to this tutorial on creating a glass orb.  I thought I would give it a try on one of my background pieces.  I got about halfway through and got stuck.  But I wanted to make a glass ball!


off I go to YouTube for help.  There I found a ton of tutorials and used one created by Digital Goulash.  And by following his clear instructions, I created this…….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I even remember to put my shadow on the opposite side of where the sun was coming up.  I can’t wait to run through more of these tutorials, because they are giving me the chance to do with Photoshop what I wanted to do all along….play with my pictures.

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