Monday, December 31, 2012

Ending the Year on a Tasty and Crafty Note

As I look over at my living/sewing room and all the fabric in piles awaiting measuring for backing for quilts, I took a moment to look back over the past year.  It has not been a good one in many ways, but then on the other hand, it has been a good year.  2012, for all it's ups and downs, is unforgettable.

But......not to sink in a morass of doom and gloom, I did do a couple of fun things today to end out the year.  Despite the coughing, sneezing and congestion.

First, I made some No-Knead Bread using the recipe and technique from The Italian Dish Blog .  It has become one of my new drool worthy sites to visit and my list of dishes I am making is long.

No-Knead Bread
The loaf is just the right size for 1-2 people for a couple of days.  Not so much that it will be turned into bird food or croutons.  Chewy, but hearty enough for sandwiches.  There is dough now in my fridge for 3 more loaves that I can whip out at any time.

Then, ignoring the larger projects dotting my living room, I had an urge to try my hand at a little bag for a purse.  One to throw cell phone, ipod, makeup, whatever into.  Just in case you can't figure it out, this is some fabric I picked up for you, Savvy!

Kitty bag

Kitties on the inside too!
This is from a tutorial on The Busy Bean .  Another site which has a long list of things I want to make.  Her instructions were very clear and help me overcome my hatred for zippers in bags.
So I feel that I am ending on a high note rather than dwelling on the low notes of the year.  (But I still miss you Mom.)

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